Are All White Australian Shepherds Deaf?

Australian Shepherd Puppy

There is no evidence to show that white Australian Shepherds have a higher percentage of deafness in their breed. In fact, the percentage of deaf white Aussies is a little higher than in merle Aussies. This is because the gene that causes white coloring in Aussies is a dilution gene, which is linked to deafness in some breeds. The best way to determine if your dog is deaf is to have him checked by a vet or a reputable breeder..

Is deafness common in Australian shepherds?

In the United States, the prevalence rate for deafness in dogs under 10 years old is roughly 20 percent. In Australia, it’s around 15 percent..

Is it common for white dogs to be deaf?

It is uncommon for dogs to be born deaf in the breed. However, there are certain health issues that can cause deafness in dogs like white dogs, such as cataracts, progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) and other ear infections. When dogs hear, they use their ears to transmit sound to the ear drum and send the message to the brain and this helps dogs in responding in an appropriate manner in a given situation. Therefore, deaf dogs can learn to respond to certain situations in a positive manner..

Can Australian shepherds be all white?

Australian Shepherds are known for having black and white fur. After all, that’s the favorite color combination of the American West. Since this breed was developed in Australia, I’m sorry to say that no, Australian shepherds cannot be all white. However, there are certain variations of this breed that are all white, such as the Australian White, the Sydney Shepherd, the Blue Heeler, and the Red Heeler. So if you want an all-white Aussie, you’ll have to search for one of these breeds..

Why are white dogs more prone to deafness?

The gene that causes white fur is also the same gene that causes deafness. The gene is linked to melanocytes, which are the cells that produce pigment for hair. There are two forms of the gene. The dominant form is associated with white fur and the recessive form is associated with black fur. Both forms are linked to deafness. This is why if you breed two white dogs, each puppy has a fifty percent chance of being born white and deaf. Some breeds are more prone to deafness, because if their parents are both white, their chances of being born white and deaf are much greater. Breeds with the highest probability of being born deaf include:.

Are merle dogs prone to deafness?

Merle dogs are more likely to be deaf than dogs that do not have the merle gene. A dog has two “normal” genes and one merle gene, so the chances of deafness for a merle dog is 1 in 4. A dog with two merle genes and one normal gene is sure to be deaf. The problem is that breeding dogs with merle dogs will lead to puppies with two merle genes, and those puppies will be more likely to be deaf. So if you breed two merle dogs together, the chances of deafness in the puppies is almost certain..

Why are white dogs born deaf?

White coated dogs have a condition called ‘white dog shaker syndrome’ which is a result of the dominant white gene . The dominant white gene is a recessive gene that obstructs pigment from reaching the skin, giving a white coat. The gene also affects the ear’s DNA which results in the dog being born deaf..

What percentage of all white dogs are deaf?

This is a tricky question. Knowing a little about the genetics of deafness in dogs might help you get a better handle on how common or rare this condition is..

Are dogs with white ears deaf?

The truth is that all dogs have the same hearing ability. The only difference is that dogs with white or light colored ears cannot tan or hold a tan, and therefore they are more prone to sunburn..

Do all white dogs have problems?

White dogs can have various problems just like any other breed. However, coat color is just a symptom and no more. The underlying issue with white dogs is their inability to regulate their own body temperature. Many white dogs have allergies and skin problems because their skin cannot sweat. This leads to dry skin and skin infections which can be very uncomfortable. If the white dog is outside during hot weather, there is a good chance they can easily get heat stroke..

What is a mismarked Aussie?

Mismarked Aussie are dogs that are bred to look like Australian Shepherds but are actually some other breed. Sometimes they are deliberately bred to look like Aussies, but they are something else. Often they are mixes of Border Collie, English Shepherd, German Shepherd, or another dog of the herding group..

What is a Whitehead Australian shepherd?

The Whitehead is a unique and beautiful dog with a unique lineage traceable back to Australia. Whiteheads were created by Mrs. Adelle Whitehead around the early 1900’s. She had a poodle, which she bred with an Australian shepherd, resulting in the Whitehead. This dog is great for all family members, loves people but is independent, alert, intelligent, loyal, and responsive. It can be trained easily to do tricks, listen to commands, and follow simple directions. Height is about 18 inches, weight about 35 pounds. Life expectancy is up to 15 years. The Whitehead is a great all-around family pet..

What is the rarest type of Australian shepherd?

There are 2 rarest types of Australian shepherd according to this article. Aussie’s come in 2 coats — smooth or long. Smooths are easier to find in shelters. Smooth coats are the rarest of the rare. Long coats are more common, but still harder to find than smooth coats..

How can you tell if a dog is deaf?

You can tell if a dog is deaf by observing his behavior and seeing if you can communicate with him. If a dog is deaf, it’s a good idea to try to find a way to communicate with him before you accept that he is deaf..

What breed of dog is often deaf?

Unfortunately, a lot of dogs in general are often deaf or have a hearing problem, and it seems that a growing number of dogs have experiencing a loss in their hearing. The causes behind this may be due to health problems, genetics, poor nutrition, being too close to cars, being around loud noises like fireworks or even eating rocks. There are several breeds of dogs which are often deaf, for example the Bulldog, the Boxer, the Dalmation, Chihuahua, Doberman Pinscher, English Bull Terrier, French Bulldog, the German Shepherd, the Great Dane, the Irish Setter, Irish Wolfhound, Old English Sheepdog, the Poodle, the Pug, the Saint Bernard, the Saluki (Arabian Leopard hound), the Shih Tzu, the Spanish Water Dog, the Tervuren, the Weimeraner, the Whippet and the Yorkshire Terrier..

Are blue eyed white dogs deaf?

Dogs with blue eyes are not always deaf. The reason behind this is that there are two gene traits responsible for dog coat colors. 1) Agouti-Related Protein (A) 2) Extension (E). The A gene is responsible for producing black pigment, so E gene has the ability to mask the black color. If both the genes are present, the dog will have blue eyes. The other possible gene combinations for dog coat color are E/E, E/a & a/a. Because the dog with E/E and E/a gene combinations will always have blue eyes, they will also always be deaf. But with a/a gene, the dog can have both blue eyes and hear. So it’s not always true that blue eyed white dogs are deaf. Hope this helps..

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