Are Russian Blue Cats Aggressive?

Russian blue cat lying on burgundy background

Russian Blue cats are very friendly cats. They are very intelligent too. They are definitely not aggressive. When they are kittens, you might have to teach them some manners. But once they are grown up, they are more inclined towards pleasing people. That is why they are often called “lap cats.” Distinguishing features of Russian Blue cats are their beautiful blue color, their fur which are never matted, their small eyes, round heads, and round paws. They are animals with classic features..

Are Russian blue cats cuddly?

Yes! The Russian blue cats are very cuddly. It will be only when the cat matures that you will know if it is a cuddly cat or not. When they are in kitten stage, you will be able to cuddle them in your laps. They are loving cats in their own particular way. It is one of the most popular cat breeds because of their blue color. People who love blue tones in their house will do well to get the Russian blue cat. The temperament of the Russian blue cat is very gentle. They are very easy to look after cats. They are not very demanding. They are very even tempered cats..

Are Russian Blues good indoor cats?

Russian Blues are more of a cat that likes to be outdoors. They are not the best for living indoors. Russian Blues are somewhat active indoors, so they do not always make for a good indoor cat. You would be better off with another breed that is more of an indoor type of cat..

Are Russian blue cats good family pets?

Russian Blue cats are very beautiful cats, and they were historically used to breed a new color for a cat, which is known as a British Blue. There are a few issues with this breed that you need to be aware of..

Are Russian blue cats docile?

Russian blues are the most docile, calm, well-tempered cats, even when they are young. They are known for their curiosity and sociability. Being affectionate by nature, they will always be in your lap when you are watching TV, sitting on your desk when you study, and resting on your chest when you go to sleep..

Do Russian Blue cats like to be held?

Russian Blue cats are independent, quiet, and subtley sweet toward their owners. They are also playful and fairly active, though they can be content to spend hours laying in the sun. Russian Blues are intelligent, but they are not demanding cats. They are fairly easy to train to use a litter box, but most owners prefer an uncovered litter box to allow the cat to use it without intrusion. These cats are unique in that they enjoy being held for short periods of time, but some can be temperamental. If you want to cuddle with your cat, it may be best to choose another breed. Russian Blues are one of the friendliest breeds, which some say makes them more interesting than other cats. They are more likely to demand some attention. They do not show their emotions on their face or in an overt way. Russian Blues are not lap cats, but that does not mean that they don’t like to be petted. When you do pet them, you will find that they are very soft..

Is a boy or girl cat better?

The main difference between male and female cats is the fact that male cats spray, and female cats are much friendlier to people..

Why do Russian Blues talk so much?

Russian Blues like to talk because that’s how they learn and discover new things and information. Talking and asking questions help them to learn and pick up new tips and tricks. They seem to be social, yet they adore spending time alone and must be given alone time..

Can Russian Blue cats be left alone?

Russian Blue cats are very affectionate and charming, but they can’t be left alone all day long. If you work a lot and have to leave them alone, you should consider a feline friend who doesn’t need as much attention as a Russian Blue cat. Russian Blue cats are very social and will become lonely and upset if they are left alone for long periods of time. This is not a cat for a person who is gone all day long or even someone who works from home and expects their cat to entertain themselves..

Are Russian Blue cats noisy?

No, they are not noisy. But you have to understand them so that they don’t think you are noisy. Russian Blues are quiet cats that seem to be always in the “zone”. It is easy to forget that they are even in the room with that kind of personality. They are not needy, nor do they jump in your lap all the time, but they will enjoy being near you. This quiet personality makes them an ideal cat for apartment living..

Do Russian Blue cats scratch furniture?

Russian Blues are beautiful, long haired cats whose popularity remains high even after more than fifty years of breeding. The good news is they are not terribly destructive cats. Some cats do use their claws to mark territory by scratching furniture, however it is uncommon with Russian Blues. The more likely culprits for furniture scratching are the Siamese, the Devon Rex, and the Abyssinian..

Do Russian Blue cats have health issues?

Russian Blue Cats are fine, but they are susceptible to the same feline health problems as other cat breeds. Some Russian Blue cats are prone to skin problems, however, stress can also be a factor here. Russian Blue kittens are born with a white coat, which sometimes turns blue or grey, but this is normal..

Are Russian Blue cats good for first time owners?

Yes. Though the cats are the same in looks, there are certain factors that need to be kept in mind while buying them. They are very capable of becoming very attached to the owner, and they are extremely loyal. A Russian Blue may be the best cat for a first time owner who doesn’t have a lot of experience with cats. However, they are at times very independent, and may not become too attached to anyone very quickly. It is best to let these cats explore your house on their own terms. It is extremely important to remember that Russian Blue cats do need some time to warm up to strangers. They will only trust the person if he or she is calm and gentle. These cats may become aggressive towards children, so it is best if they are kept away from children..

How can I tell if my blue Russian cat is real?

First, you have to understand that Russian blue cats look different from regular moggies, and if your cat is a hybrid, then you probably have a real one. Also, a breed is not capable of reproducing itself. So, you can follow these methods to check if your cat is real or not:.

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