Are Russian Blue Cats Rare?

Portrait of a purebred Russian Blue Cat with flowers

Russian Blue Cats are not rare, but they are quite popular. This cat breed was first introduced to the Western World from Russia. In fact, it is believed that the breed has been first developed as far as as 1760! The Russians have been living with the cats for nearly two centuries. They have been used as pets as well as for their fur. According to statistics, Russian Blue cats are the most popular cats in the United States..

How much is a Russian Blue cat worth?

The price of a Russian Blue cat varies based on the coat, fur texture, personality, eyes etc. Let’s see some more details about each cat personality trait that will affect price of Russian Blue cat. The length, density, and texture of the fur are the primary factors that determine how much a Russian blue cat is worth. The tighter the fur, the more expensive the cat. The density is also an important factor. If the cat has a dense fur, it is worth more than a cat with a very fine, thin coat. Lastly, the texture of the coat is also an important factor. The checkerboard pattern is the most desirable characteristic for this breed. The rarer it is, the more expensive the cat will be..

How do you tell if a cat is a true Russian Blue?

True Russian Blues are medium to large breeds, with long, thick fur that is an extremely dark blue-gray color. The ears are medium-sized, but are not overly tall. The body is muscular and the limbs are long. This cat is a good choice for people who want a cat that is very active and playful, but also quite easy to train and care for..

Do Russian Blue cats like to be held?

Russian Blue cats, one of the most popular breeds, are known for their beautiful blue gray coat and their affectionate nature. They are also one of the friendliest cat breeds, and are often referred to as the “dog-like cat” due to their playful, intelligent and loving temperament. Russian Blue cats make a great pet for a family, and they adapt well to a variety of home settings. They are intelligent, affectionate and loyal, and make a great companion for children and adults alike. Russian Blue cats are very playful and enjoy human attention. They love to play games and will often bring toys to their owners to play with them, and they will even play fetch with a small object or ball. Russian Blue cats are very intelligent and sometimes they will learn how to play fetch on their own! Russian Blue cats love to play with other pets and children in the home. They can be trained to do tricks and they enjoy playing games and performing for their owners and the family..

Are Russian Blue cats talkative?

Russian Blues love human company and get on well with children and other pets. They tend to get on better with other cats than with dogs. They are fearless and bold and will play with toys and chase after string and catnip mice. They love to climb and play so you need to ensure there are plenty of places for them to climb and hide. They will happily spend hours just sitting and watching you and your family, and will bond closely with their owners and other members of the household..

Are Russian blue cats indoor cats?

Yes, Russian blue cats are indoor cats. These cats have a single coat of short, dense, water-repellent fur. They are available in a wide variety of coat colors and patterns, but the most popular are blue-grey to slate-grey with white paws, chest, belly, and chin..

Why are Russian blue cats expensive?

Short Russian Blue cats are very rare, and they are called “an aristocrat” of the breed. There is a saying: “Russian Blue cat is like a Russian Blue music: short and sweet.” If you want to be one of the happy owners of this beautiful and charming pet, you should be ready to pay a pretty penny for this kitten. You should be ready to pay at least $1000 and even higher amounts. There is one more reason: Russian Blue cats can be very demanding and high-maintenance pets, so if you have any other pet, you should think twice before you get a Russian Blue. The thing is that Russian Blue cats should have a lot of attention, so if you have a pet dog, for example, it will be a big problem. In the answer to this question, we have also mentioned the other breeds that are pretty expensive..

Why do Russian blue cats meow so much?

Meowing is a form of communication amongst cats. Meowing is a vocalization made by felines to communicate with one another. There are different types of meowing. In some cases, it is a form of communication directed towards the owner. In other cases, it is directed towards other cats. Russian cats meow a lot while the owners are not at home. Meowing while the owners are away is a way to communicate to other cats that a territory is not occupied. If the cat is meowing while the owner is at home, then it may be a way of communicating to the owner that the cat is in need of something or it is a way of getting attention from the owner..

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