Are Standard Poodles Lazy?

Two Cute Standard Poodle Dogs

Standard Poodles are intelligent, affectionate dogs who are playful, energetic, and easily trained. However, like many other dogs, Standard Poodles can be reserved and may not be the best option for families with young children (who might be too rough with the dog), and could bark too much for apartment living. They may be shy with strangers and other dogs around the house, and their high intelligence and energy level can make them difficult to housebreak. To say that Standard Poodles are lazy, then, is to misunderstand their nature, and it is very important to know what Standard Poodles are like when you’re thinking about getting one..

Are standard poodles low energy?

Poodles are very energetic dogs. They were originally bred to be hunting dogs, which means they are bred to have strong instincts of hunting. Basically, this also means that they are bred to have strong energy levels. It is recommended that you take them for long walks twice a day, so they get enough of exercise. This will not only help them to get rid of all their energy, but it will also help them to maintain high levels of fitness. Even though they are not the most athletic dogs, they are still very good at it..

Do standard poodles sleep alot?

Poodles sleep between 12-14 hours a day. That’s like a human sleeping from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM and then sleeping again from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. They tend to take short, light naps throughout the day and night..

How many hours a day do standard poodles sleep?

A standard poodle sleeps from 7 to 10 hours a day. This sleeping pattern is actually quite normal for other dogs as well. As a breed, the poodles are not known for being particularly active. Thus, they spend a relatively large time sleeping. Poodles do have a tendency to be a little more active in the morning, while they will become more mellow during the night. They can have bursts of activity when playing though. In general, poodles are not considered a particularly active breed, which is one reason they sleep for a good amount of time..

Can Standard poodles be left alone during the day?

Standard Poodles can be left alone during the day, but owners should be careful of the potential behavioral issues that may arise. Standard Poodles are active dogs and need plenty of exercise. If they are not given sufficient exercise on a daily basis, they may become destructive or unruly while the owners are away. Standard Poodles are more than capable of entertaining themselves when owners are away. They are intelligent dogs, so they can learn to amuse themselves for some time. However, outdoor activities are more interesting than just sitting in the back yard. If owners leave their Standard Poodle unsupervised for long periods of time, they will need to puzzle out some interesting puzzle toys or even teach their dog how to fetch or play catch. They might need to bring their dog along when they are outdoors or to enroll them in doggy daycare..

Do standard poodles like to cuddle?

Poodles are great dogs. In fact, they are one of the most popular dogs in America. They are affectionate, loyal, and intelligent. It’s not uncommon to see them on TV or in movies. Do standard poodles like to cuddle? Yes, they do. Although they are not “cuddly dogs,” they do enjoy a good belly rub. They are a very gentle breed. If you are looking for a dog that will lay in your lap and cuddle with you, a standard poodle is not the dog for you. However, if you enjoy dogs that are playful, fun, and act like a kid, then you will love a standard poodle..

Are standard poodles hard to train?

Yes, Standard Poodle is very hard to train. However, there are tips and tricks you can do to make it easier for both yourself and the poodle. The first thing you should know is that all dogs that shed a lot are harder to train. They lose a lot of fur and that makes training a nightmare. If you have a Standard Poodle, it is best to be patient and consistent. If you do not have a lot of patience, maybe a lap dog wouldn’t be the right choice for you. Standard Poodles are lively and curious, so you should take them on long walk every day. They are very sensitive to training, for example, you should not shout or hit them. If your Standard Poodle does something wrong, you should try to correct it by distracting it with something else. If this doesn’t work, you should ignore it..

Are standard poodles stubborn?

Standard Poodles are the epitome of calmness and nobleness. They are exceptionally intelligent and easy to train (which, by the way, is not always the case with poodles). They get along well with their masters and other pets in the family. Their demeanor is very gentle and graceful. Standard Poodles are eager to learn. They compete in many dog activities such as agility, obedience, tracking, and more. This breed may be stubborn when working with a trainer. However, this stubbornness is not in the negative sense of the word. For example, when you are training your dog using a standard poodle, if he does something wrong, don’t punish him. Just tell him what he did wrong and why it is wrong. If you are firm, your dog will eventually catch on. As soon as he realizes he has done something wrong, he will stop. This way you are training him in a more humane manner. If you are gentle, when your dog does something wrong he will understand that he has done something wrong and will try harder not to do it again. So, in short, standard poodles are not stubborn in a bad way. They are rather stubborn in a good way because they try to do everything right..

Why is my poodle so clingy?

Dogs are pack animals, and they crave human companionship. All you need to do is give your poodle something to do (such as fetching the newspaper) and the two of you will form a strong bond..

How smart is a standard poodle?

Poodles are a highly intelligent breed of dog that is ranked among the highest of all the dog breeds in terms of their intelligence. The word poodle comes from German and means ?to splash about in water’, and the dogs got their name from the fact that they often accompanied their owners on duck hunting..

Why is my standard poodle so hyper?

Standard Poodles are generally quite high energy dogs, especially when they are young. They can be easily distracted and need lots of exercise to burn off their energy. A young dog often needs at least an hour of exercise (run or play) per day. If you spend lots of time playing or exercising with your dog, you should see some improvement. Make sure to take things slow at first, to avoid injury. Offer large pieces of kibble for your Poodle to chew on. It is very important that your puppy learn to chew, as this will help prevent destructive chewing. Chewing also provides mental stimulation for your dog. When puppies chew on kibble, they are exercising their jaws and teeth. Take your pooch for longer walks, have a play session or throw a ball or stick for them to run after. This will help burn off energy. Feed your dog high quality dried food. This will also help to curb the appetite for destructive chewing..

Are standard poodles high strung?

They are as high as any other dog, as all dogs have different personalities and temperaments. All poodles aren’t the same, and neither are all other dogs. The fact that they are considered to be very intelligent and sensitive dogs means they can be more prone to being high strung and more sensitive than say a pug..

How long do standard poodles live?

Poodles are athletic dogs and generally live 10 – 15 years. How long do standard poodles live? On average, standard poodles live 10 ? 15 years. Average life expectancy for a poodle is 12 ? 15 years..

Are standard poodles anxious?

Standard Poodles are generally quite active, which can seem like anxiety to owners who are not used to their high activity levels. Other problems are often mistaken for anxiety, such as separation anxiety, or other forms of anxiety. Some owners report that Standard Poodles are more active at night, which can also be mistaken for anxiety. If your Standard Poodle is show signs of anxiety, you should consult a professional for treatment..

Do poodles bark a lot?

Poodles are intelligent dogs and make excellent family pets. They are small dogs and don’t require a lot of space, and they can be easily trained and housebroken. However, they require a lot of grooming and shed excess hair that can cause allergies to those with fur allergies. Poodles aren’t naturally territorial and not as protective as other dogs breeds, and may run and hide when confronted by a hostile intruder. Poodles bark, but not as much as other breeds, and usually not as loudly as some dogs..

Do poodles need another dog?

Yes, do poodles need another dog? It is the question that many poodle owners ask. Adding another dog to the house is a big decision and a lot of work. It is not a decision to make lightly. Dogs should live with other dogs. They crave pack living and the companionship of a dog(s) their own. Poodles, as a breed, are a fairly laid back dog and will do their own thing as long as they are not ignored by their family. Adding a dog to the house should be a decision made with your whole family. Thoroughly research the dog(s) that you are considering to bring into your home. It needs to match your lifestyle as well as your poodles. You should also be aware of the problems associated with adding a dog. For example, potty training issues, chewing, barking and other issues associated with adding a dog. If you have a fairly quiet home and a decent area for a dog to play in, a second dog may be a good idea. It will take a good deal of time to train them both at the same time, but you can do it..

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