Can A Russian Blue Have A White Spot?

Russian blue cat lies on gray background

A Russian Blue cannot “have” a white spot, as the coat color is the dominant gene, and the white spotting is recessive, so there would have to be two white-spotting genes in order for white to appear. A Russian Blue can carry or “be” white-spotting genes, as the white-spotting gene is carried as a recessive. An example of this is the Silver Persian; Silver is the dominant gene, and the white-spotting gene is recessive. If two Silver Persians are bred together, they will always produce Silver kittens. Since the white-spotting is recessive, and the Silver is dominant, the kittens can carry the white-spotting gene, but will only display it if they receive two white-spotting genes..

Can Russian Blue cats have white patches?

A lot of cat owners are confused whether or not their cat would sport white patches or not. __% of the Russian Blue cats don’t come with white patches. The color pattern of the Russian Blue is that the cat has a darker body with shades of gray with shades of gray. The darker shades of gray are throughout the body, the tail, the head, the back of the legs and the ears. The cats with white patches, don’t have the darker shades of gray in the body. They are mostly white in color..

How can I tell if my Russian Blue is purebred?

The American Cat Fanciers Association says, “The Russian Blue is a medium-sized cat with a semi-long, silky coat that comes in any color or combination of colors. The coat is semi-long and sleek with a fine texture, and the legs are medium length. The profile is straight with a slightly Roman look.” According to the Cat Fanciers’ Association, there are four colors of Russian Blue: the “Dilute,” which is blue with lighter blue, silver or white markings; the “Slate,” which is blue with darker grey, silver or white markings; the “Dilute-Slate,” which is blue with lighter grey, silver or white markings; and the “Dilute-Slate-Dilute,” which is blue with lighter silver, white or grey markings..

How can you tell a Korat from a Russian Blue?

One way to tell a Korat from a Russian Blue is by looking at their ears. Korats’ ears are completely straight, while Russian Blues’ ears are slightly bent at the tips. The other way to tell them apart is by looking at their coats. Korats have longer hair than Russian Blues, and their coats are slightly wavy. Serene Blucher’s answer to How can you tell a Korat from a Russian Blue?.

Do all Russian Blue cats have green eyes?

No, all Russian Blue cats do not have green eyes. The coat colour of the Russian blue is caused by a recessive gene, but the eye colour isn’t. A Russian Blue can have one of four eye colours – blue, yellow, odd-eyed blue-yellow, or odd-eyed blue. The “odd-eyed” cats have one blue eye and one yellow eye. They are also called “Heterochromic”. These eye colours are controlled by a different gene to the coat colour..

Do Russian Blues like to be held?

Yes, if you find the right way to hold them. In general, Russian Blues are not a breed that prefers to be cuddled. They have a tendency to be independent and will take a long time to adjust to your touch. The best way to hold your Russian Blue is by being patient and letting them come to you..

What age do Russian Blue cats eyes turn green?

What age do Russian Blue cats eyes turn green? We couldn’t find any information on this yet. As soon as we do we will update this post with the information. If you see anything, please leave a comment below with the source where this was sourced from..

What is the difference between a Russian Blue and a Chartreux?

The two breeds have a lot in common. Both are domestic cat breeds, both are known for their strikingly beautiful copper-blue eyes. While both breeds are not particularly big, they do have a lot in common in their personality, too. They are both known for being very noisy, affectionate and active. The two breeds were both considered by the Cat Fanciers’ Association until the 1960s, when the CFA split them into separate breeds. The Chartreux is a rarer breed, but the Russian Blue is a popular feline breed, even though it’s a hairless cat..

How much is a Russian Blue kitten?

A Russian Blue is a popular cat breed; therefore, the price of a Russian Blue kitten depends on the breeder, age, and gender of the kitten. A kitten can cost as little as $50 or as much as $600, depending on the price set by the breeder..

Do Russian blue cats get along with dogs?

Russian Blue cats are just as sweet as any other cat breed, but they have a few behavioral traits that are unique to this breed. Since they are extremely sensitive to harsh noises, Russian Blue cats prefer to be pampered in a calm and quiet environment. Dogs are one of the loudest animals on the planet plus they are high energy creatures. This can be a recipe for disaster for Russian Blues. You have to be careful with the dog breed because any dog over 30 pounds is too much for a Russian Blue to handle. Even a snarky young dog has the potential to hurt a Russian Blue cat..

Are Korat cats talkative?

A Korat cat is a variant of a Siamese cat, and is a breed of domestic cat. The Korat is a large, longhair breed of cat noted for the rich coloring of its dense, soft, and water-repellent coat. The coat is colored in various shades of brown, which can sometimes appear to have gold or red tones..

Are Korat cats rare?

Korat cats are not rare, but they are certainly adorable. The Korat breed is the national cat of Thailand. It is also known as the Si-Sawat cat, after the province in Thailand where it was first discovered. It is believed that the Korat breed descends from the cats brought to Thailand by Asian immigrants some 1000 years ago. Korat cats are very popular in Thailand, but they are also gaining in popularity in the Western world. So today more and more people find themselves asking the question, Are Korat cats rare?.

Are Korat cats expensive?

A Korat cat is a cat that has been bred specifically for show. Their coats are generally fluffy and there are different Korat cat types available. They are not necessarily expensive, although they are generally more pricey than the normal cat. If you are on a budget, make sure to do your research before buying one. When purchasing a Korat cat, it is important to know the cat’s lineage. The price may vary depending on the cat’s bloodline..

What is the rarest eye color in cats?

The second most common eye color among cats is green. Blue, gold, and hazel are the rarest eye colors. The most common eye color is probably green because that’s the color that mixes or is created by the mixing of other colors. The other colors are not created from the mixing of different colors. My guess is that a lot of people think a cat’s eye color is a certain color because its coat is a certain color. For example, a cat with a grey coat probably has grey eyes, right? Wrong. Eye color has nothing to do with the color of the fur..

Why do Russian Blues talk so much?

Generally speaking, they are not considered to be vocal cats. They are more of the strong, silent type. They are good at communicating with their owners, but they are not particularly known for their chatting tendencies..

What is a Russian white cat?

A Russian White (or Siber White) cat is a breed of cat, specifically a domestic cat (Felis catus), that has a coat that is entirely white, with very few colored hairs. The rust or reddish-yellow color that can appear on the face and ears is not sufficient to be considered a color on the cat, rather than white fur. Russian Whites are descended from white cats found around St. Petersburg, Russia, and the majority of the breed’s population is composed of whites found within the country. While other colored cats can become white as they age ? a process called “paling”, and the white cats found in Russia became known as Russian Whites ? Russian Whites are not a variant of the Himalayan breed, and are not recognized by or registered with any of the major breed associations..

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