Can A Scottish Fold Have Straight Ears?

Baby Scottish fold

Yes, but not often. The Scottish fold is a naturally occurring breed of cat that was first seen in Scotland in 1961. The breed is distinguished by its tendency to walk with its legs partially crouched and its ears folded down and forward. It is theorized that this trait was caused by a naturally occurring mutation of the cartilage in the ears. Straight-eared Scottish Fold cats do occur; in fact, these cats resemble the appearance of cats in Japan, where it is believed that the breed originated long ago. However, in the United States and other countries, these cats are considered deformed and are not allowed to be exhibited in cat shows..

Why does my Scottish fold have straight ears?

All Scottish fold kittens are born with straight ears before the genetic mutation causing the folded ears sets in. Here’s a link to a page of a cat breeder explaining why does my Scottish fold have straight ears? :

Are Scottish folds with straight ears healthy?

As far as I can tell from my research, Scottish folds with straight ears are just as healthy as the ones with the normal floppy ears. In fact, this variety of ear is less prone to ear infections because it does not block the ear canal. However, the Scottish fold is a polygenetic disease and the straight ears do not affect the health of the cat. The main problems involve respiratory infections and ear infections..

How can you tell if a Scottish fold is purebred?

Purebred Scottish folds are bred for their distinct look. They are bred to have smooth hair without any markings, but it’s easy to spot one by the ear. Specifically, the ear should be rounded and should not be triangular. If the ear is triangular, then it is not purebred. By using these tips, you can easily tell if a Scottish fold is purebred or not..

Is my cat a Scottish straight?

It’s quite likely that your cat is a Scottish Straight. This is a cat with a real Scottish heritage. The Scottish Straight is a cat that is a cross between a regular domestic cat and a Scottish Wildcat, a very rare cat indeed. This breed of cat is extremely rare in the US and England, but a Scottish Straight can be found in many parts of Europe. The Scottish Straight is a very beautiful cat and a wonderful pet..

Can Scottish folds have straight ears?

Scottish folds are one of the most popular cat breeds in the world today and the general knowledge about the breed states that the cats have ears that fold forward and down. The fact is: it is not true. Scottish folds can have straight ears as well as folded ears. The breed standard for the Scottish Fold does not state anything about the ears. The folded ears are a major feature of the breed and as such it is possible that the breed standard specifies that the ears should be folded, but it is not stated in the standard. The cats with straight ears should not be considered as a fault. It is important to note that the folded ears are not associated with any medical problems and the cats with folded ears can have just as normal a life as the straight eared cats..

What is the difference between Scottish fold and Scottish straight?

Scottish Straight: They have always been purebred and they don’t have any health issues. They can come in any color and they can be found living as pets. Scottish Folds: They breed two Scottish straight kittens together. The kittens are born with folded ears. Therefore Scottish Folds can be seen as a type of Scottish straight. They have the same characteristics as Scottish straight. They can come in any color and they can be found as pets..

Do all Scottish Folds have health issues?

Scottish folds might have a congenital issue with their ears, but this is no different from other cats, and does not affect their health. In fact, they are actually medically healthier than average cats. They have a strong immune system and a good life expectancy, going on to live 15 years or more..

Do all Scottish Folds have health problems?

No, not all Scottish folds have health problems. If you are purchasing a Scottish fold kitten from a breeder, ensure that the breeder is testing the cats on the list of health conditions. Read on to find more about this breed of cat and decide whether or not you want to add such a cat to your family..

Do all Scottish folds suffer?

Scottish fold cats vary widely in their degree of ear problems. Some Scottish folds never develop folded ears. Some develop folded ears later in life. Some develop folded ears at birth. The severity of the folding also varies. A Scottish fold cat can have full normal mobility of its ears, or it can have very limited mobility, so much so it can’t move them at all..

Do all Scottish Folds have Osteochondrodysplasia?

The Scottish Fold breed of cat comes in two main types: the Scottish Fold and the Scottish Straight. The Scottish Straight has more than one type of ear fold and more than one type of genetic makeup. These include the Scottish Straight-eared cats and the Scottish Fold-eared cats. The Scottish Fold-eared cats also called the American Fold and the British Fold, came from a different genetic mix and had a mix of Scottish and random bred cats. They come with either random ear folds (no stable ear folds) and random folded and straight ears..

What happens if you breed two Scottish folds?

The Scottish Folds are prone to develope health issues, in that they are known to have hip issues, in that their bones in their hips do not develope correctly. These issues with their hips is what lead to the short life span in the breed. While they are young, there are no outward signs of any problems, so the breeder only has the knowledge of the parents hip issues to go by. They are breed in the US, but breeding two with the same problems will only lead to the issues being passed down, so it’s not possible to see what will happen with any certainty..

Can you breed 2 Scottish folds?

You can breed Scottish folds, but their kittens are not always Scottish folds. They are more likely to look like normal cats..

How can I tell if my cat is Scottish?

There are actually a few ways to tell if your cat is Scottish. The first is the name. All Scottish cats have tartan names. You can google a list of those. Another way is to look for Scottish flags on the cat. Sometimes the cat will have a tartan bowtie and a kilt. If the cat is female, you can measure her to see if she is 5’4″ and wears a size 4 shoe. The last way is to look for the accent. One Scottish cat we know has a horrible texas accent, another has a russian accent, and the last has a thick british accent..

Do Scottish Straight Cats like to be held?

Scottish Straight Cats may be fine with being picked up when they were kittens, but when they get older they will not like you. These cats are very energetic and they love to explore the entire house. They are active and playful too, so they will always try to escape. So, it is better to leave them alone. Scottish Straight Cats like to be on their own..

Is Scottish straight same as British Shorthair?

Scottish Straight and British Shorthair are both breeds of cats. The main difference between them is the length of their coat. The coat of a Scottish straight is longer than that of a British Shorthair and they both have totally different ancestry. Scottish straight cat is an ancient breed thought to have originated in Scotland. Its appearance is similar to that of a Persian Cat. On the other hand, the British Shorthair is a type of shorthaired cat that was developed in Great Britain. One difference between Scottish straight and British Shorthair is that the coat of the Scottish straight is longer than that of the British Shorthair. It is likely that the Scottish straight originated from the Persian cat and later crossed with the British Shorthair..

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