Can Russian Blue Cats Have Long Hair?

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Of course they can. There are many variations of this cat breed. Some Russian Blue cats have short hair, while others have long hair. You can find them in many colors. They can be any mix of colors..

Are there long haired Russian blue cats?

Yes, there are long haired Russian blue cats. There was a recent discovery of a naturally long-haired Russian blue cat named “Oriana” (born 2004) in the UK. She is a naturally occurring mutation. Her mother and father (both short-haired) father both had long hair and her fur is very soft and fluffy, completely the opposite to the texture of the normal Russian blue coat. This means that there is a high probability that any kittens that Oriana has will also be long haired. The peculiarity was discovered when Oriana’s owner noticed that her cat’s fur was much longer than normal. It is unknown whether there are any naturally long-haired Russian blues outside the UK..

How can you tell if your cat is a Russian blue?

Russian Blue cats have a distinct appearance. Their eyes are different shades of blue, but some may be darker than others. Like many other cats, they can sometimes be distinguished by their blotched markings. Like some other cats, they sometimes display blue fur. Their noses are usually pale pink or brown, and some may be slightly lighter than others. Their legs are strong and muscular, and they are fast runners. Some also have very beautiful eyes..

Are Russian blue cats Fluffy?

Russian Blue cats are not fluffy. It is a common misconception. Actually, the fur on the Russian Blue is made up of two types of hair: a soft down and a coarser guard hair. The guard hairs are the ones that give the coat the impression of fluffiness. If you look at a Russian Blue cat with a magnifying glass, you’ll see that the guard hairs will have a slightly coarser, darker tip. If you closely look at a Russian Blue adult cat’s face, you’ll notice that the whiskers look shorter than the guard hairs. This is because the guard hairs tend to get worn off more quickly than the softer down..

Do Russian Blues like to be held?

Yes. Russian Blues are very affectionate cats. They are not the type that are demanding for your affection, but are also not indifferent. They are very welcoming of physical contact, and will come seeking it out. They enjoy being petted, and will often purr when they are being petted. If you would like to hold them, they will usually let you know..

Are Nebelungs affectionate?

Nebelungs are like other cats in that they love to be petted and played with. They can be very affectionate with their owners, and enjoy the company of people..

Are Russian Blue cats indoor cats?

You can keep Russian blue cats indoors or outdoors. They are a popular breed in the US, but they are a rare breed in Europe. Indoor cats do not have a specific language, behavior or eat a specific diet. If you do decide to keep the Russian blue cat indoors, be sure they have a large area to roam around in, which is a big enough area for a large dog to run in. Russian blue cats make great indoor cats, but when you go on vacation they do need an indoor cat sitter..

What does a purebred Russian Blue look like?

The purebred Russian Blue cat looks like a small-medium sized cat with a muscular body. Its head is square and broad, and its ears are small and triangular. The eyes are large, fiery and alert, and the coat is short and plush. The coat color is a true blue, and the cat’s paws and nose are pink..

How much is a Russian Blue kitten?

The price of Russian Blue kittens can range from $50 – $400. This is because of their high demand. The price is also determined by the breeder, where the kitten is from, the kitten’s blood line, and the kitten’s color..

Why are Russian blue cats expensive?

Cats are commonly kept as pets. They are companion animals and are valued for their companionship and their ability to hunt vermin. Cats have been associated with humans for at least 9,500 years, and are currently the most popular pet in the world. The majority of cat breeds are maintained through controlled breeding, with many breeds’ qualities being preserved by cat fancier organizations; but a few are associated with religious taboos, such as the cat being regarded as a holy animal in some cultures, and therefore may not be owned by individuals outside the religion..

What is the most expensive cat?

The most expensive cat ever sold is a red and white female called Little Nicky and she was bred by a British woman called Jane Park. She was sold to a little Russian businessman for $1.5 million..

What cat breed lives the longest?

For an overall longevity record, the Maine Coon cat reigns supreme. This beloved feline can live up to 20 years, which is approximately twice the lifespan of many popular breeds..

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