Can You Breed Two Scottish Folds?

Scottish Fold kittens may be bred with Scottish Fold kittens or with non-Scottish Fold (?flat-face’) kittens. The kittens may show either folded ears or ?flat-face’. The kittens with folded ears will always be Scottish Folds only if both parents are Scottish Folds. Scottish Fold kittens with ?flat-face’ will not be Scottish Folds only if both parents are non-Scottish Folds..

What happens if you breed two Scottish folds?

The kittens will be Scottish Fold kittens. A Scottish Fold cross with another breed is called a munchkin. If you breed two munchkins together, you get Scottish Fold kittens. If you breed a Scottish Fold with a munchkin, you get Scottish Fold kittens..

Can Scottish Fold breed?

A Scottish Fold is a cat in a unique position in that it has a genetic malformation in the cartilage in its ears. The ears will not stand up on their own, and when they are forcibly held in a standing position, they will fold over. The cause of the gene is a dominant mutation, meaning that its offspring will also carry the gene. In most other cat breeds, this gene is a recessive trait, meaning that the cat’s offspring will only inherit the defect if the cat itself inherits the defect from both of its parents. It is not possible for two Scottish Folds to produce Scottish Fold kittens..

How many babies can a Scottish Fold have?

Scottish Fold kittens are born with straight ears, but they begin to fold when they are about 3 weeks old. The trait passes along the lines of heredity, with some kittens inheriting the trait and some not. Female Scottish Folds are especially prone to passing the trait on, with notable exceptions that are too few to be considered significant..

Why are Scottish folds illegal?

The Scottish fold cat is illegal in New Zealand. The reason for this is because of the cat’s ability to carry a specific gene that causes a form of dwarfism in the animals. This gene is a dominant gene and when a Scottish fold cat has a baby with a cat that does not have this gene, the baby kitten will have a genetic deformity which can result in death. A cat that has the gene has a higher chance of being deaf or have other disabilities. It is illegal to have these cats in New Zealand because they are at a higher risk of being put down..

Can two Scottish Folds mate?

As with any cat, breeding is best left to experts. Breeders of Scottish Folds will typically sell their kittens for between $400 and $1,000 depending on quality. The average litter size for Scottish Folds is 2.5..

Is it bad to breed Scottish Fold?

I’ve heard that the Scottish Fold is a unhealthy breed of cat. The gene that causes the ears to fold down is a dominant gene, which means that a kitten with the gene only requires one parent to have it in order to inherit the gene and have ears that fold down. If the cat has the gene from both parents, it will have a very high chance of serious health problems. The Scottish Fold is a breed that is not recommended to be bred from, because of the possibility of these health problems, especially for show cats..

What can you breed with a Scottish Fold?

The Scottish Fold cat has a genetic mutation in which the cartilage in their ears does not continue to grow. This gives the ears their characteristic tight, round shape. This mutation actually prevents the cat from being able to breed with any other type of cat. Not only are all Scottish Fold cats sterile, they are also incredibly inbred. This inbreeding has caused many problems in Scottish Fold cats. One in particular is osteochondrodysplasia. This is a disease in which the cartilage in the joints fails to develop properly. The bones of the limbs become deformed and the joints become stiff. They also have other health problems, including heart defects and eye problems..

Are Scottish Folds purebred?

Yes, Scottish Fold cats are purebred. However, the Scottish Fold is not recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) or the American Cat Fanciers Association (ACFA) among other cat associations, because the breed has a genetic mutation, which is against the standards of these associations. The main reason why the breed is not recognized is its short tail, which is automatically a disqualification in all associations..

Can a Scottish straight have fold kittens?

Um.. Of course, yes! A Scottish Straight can have fold kittens if she is bred with a Fold male. A male Scottish Straight cannot produce fold kittens, so if you are hoping to raise your kitten as a folding cat, you will need to obtain it from a Fold breeder..

How much are Scottish Fold kittens?

Historically, the Scottish Fold cat has been prized as a treasured companion and family pet. Scottish Folds can be trained to perform tricks and will not scratch furniture or other items. They are affectionate and gentle and enjoy time spent with their owners. As adults, they appear to be unusually lightweight and slender and weigh about 7-8 pounds if they are neutered and 8-12 pounds if they are intact. The gentle and loving nature of Scottish Fold kittens makes them a popular breed of cat. Those who live with this unique cat will find it to be a loving companion. In addition, the folded ears make them a better candidate as a kitten for those who have allergies..

How long do Scottish Fold cats live?

Scottish Fold cats live up to __ years. A Scottish Fold cat is a cat with a natural genetic mutation that causes the ears to be folded forward. This folded appearance is a dominant gene, and kittens from two Scottish Fold parents will be mutants as well. The most common health issues for Scottish Fold cats are problems with their teeth and ears..

Why are Scottish Fold cats so expensive?

Scottish Fold costs between $200-$5000. The reason is because of the genetic abnormality in their ears. Many breeders think the Scottish Fold is beautiful and they brought the breed to the US, but many people are unaware of the genetic deformity caused by the mutation found in this breed. __% of the kittens are born deaf. The English longhair breed has the same problem, __% of the kittens are born with eye defects. If you know how to look, you can detect all of these defects in the kittens. If you would like to buy a Scottish Fold kitten, you can get it dirt cheap at your local shelter. But if you want a purebred, it will cost you $500-$5000..

Are Scottish Folds banned in the UK?

As a cat owner, I really think that a cat with a folded ears is ugly. They look like aliens. That’s why I don’t own a Scottish fold cat. Scottish fold cat is a breed of domestic cat with a natural dominant-gene mutation that causes the ears to fold forward and then down. In 1966, as a result of this mutation, two Scottish Fold kittens were born to a cat named Susie. The breed was developed from Susie’s kittens and their descendants. Scottish Folds are recognized as a breed by major cat registries worldwide. However, the Cat Fanciers’ Association in the USA, the world’s largest registry of pedigreed cats, does not recognize the breed. Instead, the CFA bans the breeding of Scottish Folds. Many show-quality Scottish Folds have been euthanized in the USA because of this ban. In 1966, a Scottish Fold kitten with folded ears was spotted in a litter of kittens born in England. The kitten was named Susie, and her folded ears caused a sensation when the press reported it. Analysis determined that Susie was a cat with a naturally dominant gene that caused her ears to fold forward and then down..

What’s wrong with Scottish Fold cats?

Scottish Fold kitty is a cute 3-in-1 breed of a cat. But a lot will be worrying about this cat breed. Naturally occurring Scottish Fold deformity occurs in about 8 to 10% of the cats that have this genetic mutation. This genetic deformity is the cause of the folded ears that appear to be folded over at the tips. Cats with this genetic mutation suffer from a number of medical issues, including breathing problems, developmental problems, and dermatitis. In addition, they’re also likely to be overweight and have heart problems..

Where is the Scottish Fold banned?

The Scottish Fold is banned in Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, and Singapore. The Scottish Fold is also banned in several cities in Canada including Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto. The reason for the ban is due to the small size of the cats, which can cause them to become easy prey to other animals. The ban was lifted in the United Kingdom, but the breed has not been reintroduced..

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