How Can You Tell If You Have A Bombay Cat?

Studio photography of a bombay longhair cat on colored backgrounds

While there’s no concrete evidence so far, it’s believed Bombay cats can be identified by their distinctive markings and colors, specifically the the ‘glitter gene’ which adds a special sparkle to their eyes and coats. The Bombay’s unique colors and coat patterns allow them to look like miniature panthers and gives them the nickname of ‘mini leopards’. Some of the most common patterns and colors include: Black smoke: Black with a white ‘halo’ around the eyes..

Are Bombay cats common?

Yes, Bombay cats are common. A lot of people have been raising them. In fact, there are two types of Bombay cats: the naturally occurring one and the one from a reputable breeder who ensures a high-quality lineage. If a cat has a pedigree, it is a Bombay cat..

What color eyes do Bombay cats have?

If you belong to the United States, your answer to this question will be “blue” since the Bombay cat is the most popular breed in the country. However, if you’re living in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, the Middle East, the rest of Europe, Russia or Asia, then your answer would be “brown” since this is the color that Bombay cats typically have..

What are the personality traits of a Bombay cat?

Bombay is definitely a unique breed of cat with a lot of personality. Here are some characteristics of this interesting breed: An interesting fact about the Bombay cat is these cats have a dark brown to black color with a lighter colored body and white accents. The Bombay’s face is a kind of a cross between a cat and a dog. They have a smooth, muscular build and a larger bone structure. The Bombay is a playful, affectionate cat. They are very neat and have a tendency to be on the higher side on the active scale. In short, the Bombay is a loveable, energetic cat..

What does a Bombay cat sound like?

According to many pet lovers, these cats are very quiet. They can be very affectionate, fully admitting their dependence on their owner. The Bombay is a large cat with long hair. They are easy to groom, so this is not something that the owner needs to stress about. At the same time, it is important to keep the cat’s hair trimmed so that it doesn’t become soiled or tangled. As far as the Bombay cat’s personality is concerned, it is known to be outgoing, friendly, and playful. However, if you are looking for a quiet, laid back cat that enjoys curling up to sleep the majority of the day then the Bombay cat is not for you. The Bombay cat is active, playful, and love attention. These are ideal pets for families with children..

How much is a Bombay cat worth?

Bombay cats are traditionally bred by crossing a Burmese with a Persian. The Bombay cat gives the Burmese its body style, head tilt, and friendly personality, but adds the long coat of the Persian. The result is a breed that has the beautiful long hair of the Persian, with the medium-sized body of the Burmese..

Can Bombay cats be aggressive?

The street Bombay is not the same as the Siamese cat. Unlike the Siamese, they are not lap cats, however, they are very playful, energetic, vocal, and curious. They do not have the Siamese’s mild temperment. On the contrary, the Bombay is known to be bossy, tempermental, and have quite an attitude. This cat will have no problem telling you what they think of you if you don’t do what they want. These cats can be trained very easily, but they are most likely to ignore your request. Bombays are very intelligent cats. If you are not willing to have a confident attention seeking cat, this may not be the cat for you!.

Do Bombay cats have yellow eyes?

No, Bombays do not have yellow eyes. They have deep brown eyes. When a Bombay is born, they have gold eyes. As they grow, their eyes will change color. In a Bombay cat’s second month, you will start to notice their color change. Their eyes will start to become a chocolate brown..

Do Bombay cats have gold eyes?

No. Bombay cats do not have gold eyes. Bombay cats are a hybrid breed which has been created by breeding domestic short-haired cats with Asian Leopard Cats (ALCs). Like the ALCs, Bombay cats have a dominant gene that causes the coat to be spotted and the eyes to be yellow. The eye color is determined by a gene which suppresses melanin production and the dominant allele (C) of this gene causes the eye to be yellow. So, both the eyes and the coat color of Bombay cats is produced by the same gene. The ALCs have a different set of alleles at this locus and those alleles lead to the yellow color which is not the same as the color produced by the B-series alleles. This is not to say that Bombay cats cannot have gold eyes. They can, only the genes that can cause gold eyes can lead to a variety of other colors as well. So, the eye color is determined by the coat color and the genes which determine the coat color can lead to a variety of colors and expressions and not just yellow..

Do Bombay cats come in different colors?

Bombay cats have become very popular in the cat fancy in the last couple of years. The Bombay is a mix of the Asian Leopard cat and the Burmese cat. They were given this name because they were first bred in England, where they were referred to as British or English cats. The Bombay is medium in size, with a long, medium soft coat that is not bushy. They are muscular, great jumpers and are very quick. The Bombay is a exotic breed, with a look that will amaze anyone. The Bombay is also known as the “Bambino” or “Baboon cat.” They are very intelligent, curious, playful and full of life. The Bombay is often mislabeled, because it is often confused with the Bengal cat. The Bombay has a very slender, muscular body with long legs. The coat is close to the body, with a texture that can be compared to a dog’s coat..

What are Bombay cats known for?

Bombay cats are known for their dark brown, black, golden, chocolate or yellowish coats. Their eyes are either green or yellow. A Bombay is a hybrid cat breed produced by breeding a domestic cat with an Asian Leopard Cat..

Are Bombay cats quiet?

Yes, Bombay cats are quiet. That is, by disposition and not by manipulation. They don’t really like it when you pick them up and carry them around. They don’t like to be carried around and that, in general, Bombay cats tend to be more independent than most other breeds. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t like to be around you. They easily adapt to people and seek attention as long as it’s on their own terms..

What health problems do Bombay cats have?

Bombay cats are prone to health problems because of their interbreeding. This breed is low in genetic diversity since it doesn’t have its own feline pure-breed. Bombay cats are small with short muzzles, elongated noses, short, thick necks, broad chests, large round eyes, ears that are small or lacking, and relatively short legs. The Bombay cat’s head is larger than the rest of his body. Bombay cats are more susceptible to eye problems. Other health issues often include heart problems, chronic lung infections, infections of the urinary tract, liver problems, kidney problems, joint disorders, dental problems, and skin disorders..

Do Bombay cats like to cuddle?

Bombay cats love to cuddle with people. They will snuggle up with you on the couch or on your lap while you are watching your favourite TV show. Bombay cats are typically very friendly with other people and animals, but are known for being somewhat aloof with strangers. If you are bringing home a Bombay kitten, you will have to be patient with it as it will take some time for your feline friend to warm up to you..

Are all black cats Bombay cats?

All black cats are not Bombay cats. Bombay cats are cross-breeding of the American Shorthair, Burmese, and the Bombay hybrids..

How do you tell the difference between a American shorthair and a Bombay cat?

American shorthair and American Bombay are two different breeds of domestic cats. Both are shorthaired, but the American shorthair is more common. Bombay cats are rare. The only way to tell the difference is looking at the kitten’s parentage. If the kitten has a Bengal cat in its lineage, then it is a Bengal cat. Otherwise it is an American shorthair kitten..

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