How Do You Know If Your Cat Is A Russian Blue?

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The foremost thing to look for is the eyes. They should be almond shaped and medium in color. Due to their deep blue coat, there may be a glow to their eyes. The ears should be medium to large in size, and the edges should be curved. The paws should be small, and the fur should be medium in length. The tail should be medium to long in length, and it should be straight or slightly curved. The coat color should be medium to long in length, and it should be straight or slightly wavy. The coat should be medium in thickness. The coat should be medium to long in length. The coat should be straight or slightly wavy..

What makes a Russian blue cat?

A Russian Blue cat is a breed of cat that is distinguished by its “soft, wavy medium-length blue fur, and by the absence of the “M” marking on its forehead. This cat is medium-sized, with females weighing 7 to 10 pounds, and the males 8 to 14 pounds. The Russian Blue’s head is broad and rounded with medium-sized ears. Its eyes are medium-sized, almond shaped, and may be either blue, blue-gray, or brown. Their muzzle is medium-sized. The coat is short, dense, soft, and glossy. The color of their coat is a deep, lustrous blue-gray. Normally, they do not have an M or white marking on their face or head, but they might have a few white hairs on their chin or chest..

What cat looks like a Russian blue?

Don’t worry cat lovers, providing you are looking for a cat that looks like a Russian blue cat then the cat that looks like a Russian blue cat is not a Russian blue cat. A cat that looks like a Russian blue cat is a Siberian cat. A Russian blue cat is a domestic cat which is mainly found in North America. On the other hand, a Siberian cat is a domestic cat which is mainly found in Asia. The Siberian cat has the genetic composition of the Siamese cat and the Prussian blue. These cats are very intelligent. Another cat that looks like a Russian blue cat is the Norwegian forest cat, but it is also not a Russian blue cat. It is also not found in Asia. It is mainly found in Northern Europe. It looks like a Russian blue, but it doesn’t look like a Siberian cat. It has the genetic composition of the Norwegian forest cat and the Maine Coon cat, which is another cat that looks like a Russian blue cat. These cats are very playful and makes great friends..

Are Russian Blue cats indoor cats?

Russian Blue cats are born to be indoor cats. These cats are very intelligent and affectionate, but they are also very active. You can try keeping them indoors at first, but then you might end up letting them outside after all. Russian Blues are very vocal cats. They love to talk to you, play with you and follow you around the house. So if you want an indoor cat, Russian Blue is for you..

Do Russian Blues like to be held?

Yes. Russian blues are a bit of an oddball of a cat breed. They have a lot of personality but tend to be a bit on the more docile side. They are a more of a cuddly cat that likes to be held and petted. However, they are not known for being super needy and rather have a mind of their own. They have a tendency to run away from time to time so they are not cat for a person who never plans to leave the house..

How do you tell the difference between a Russian blue and a Chartreux?

Russian Blue and Chartreux are both breeds of cats in the same family. They are very similar in appearance and behavior, but they do have their differences. Russian Blue has a blue coat that resembles that of a Siamese cat. They are very affectionate, clever and clean cats with high intelligence. The Chartreux cat is not found in the UK. It is larger in size than the Russian Blue and has a very unusual coat. It is also very affectionate like the Russian Blue. The coat color of Chartreux is cream, but it can also be found in blue. Both of these breeds are very similar in appearance. The differences between them are in the size of the cats, the coat color and the coat pattern. Although they are very similar in appearance, they are very different in their character and behavior..

Is my cat a Russian blue or a Korat?

A cat’s eye color depends on the amount of pigment in the iris. A cat with blue eyes has a lot of pigment and a dark blue or greyish-blue colour. A cat with yellow eyes has little pigment, so the colour of the iris is much lighter. If you are interested in the colour of your cat’s eyes, it’s useful to know that the colour of the nose leather, paw pads, and lips are related to the colour of the eyes. A blue-eyed cat usually has dark brown nose leather, brown paw pads, and pink lips. A yellow-eyed cat has dark brown nose leather, yellow paw pads, and pink lips..

What is the rarest cat color?

The rarest cat color is white, primarily because it is very difficult to produce. A pure white cat comes from an inbred lineage. Some white cats are deaf, others are albino. These generally have blue eyes. You can also have deaf white cats. All the other colors are easier to come by, but sometimes one will come along that is particularly unusual. For instance, a cat with a white belly but colored ears is fairly uncommon..

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