How Long Do Devon Rex Cats Live?

Cornish Rex Cat

The short answer to the question is 9-15 years. The Devon Rex is a breed of cat that has a life expectancy of around 15 years, though it is possible that they can live as long as 20 years with proper care..

Are Devon Rex cats affectionate?

Yes, they are. Devon Rex cats are what cat fanciers call “people” cats. That is, they enjoy being with people. Devons are not standoffish, nor are they high-strung, but rather are more on the mellow side. But make no mistake about it, Devons are still cats, and you should expect some cat behavior from time to time..

Are Devon Rex cats smart?

Devon Rex cats are intelligent, to say the least. They are playful and gentle, but they can be mischievous as well. They are territorial and protective of their owners, which makes them good at repelling unwanted guests. It is possible to keep Devon Rex cats as indoor-only pets, but curiosity may cause them to look for trouble. The best way to enjoy these cats is to provide them with plenty of toys and to engage them in games of fetch. If you let them, they will jump to their own conclusions, so if you want to train them, you will need to provide them with clear directions..

Do Devon Rex have health issues?

There are no specific health issues associated with the Devon Rex. It has a very healthy lifestyle and can live up to its full potential. In fact, this cat is generally very robust and healthy. It may have a life span of 12-15 years. The Devon Rex has been known to have a high pain threshold, but that is to be expected from a cat that is bred to be a very quiet kitten. The Devon Rex is a healthy breed and generally healthy. There are no real health issues with this breed..

Are Devon Rex cats high maintenance?

Devon Rex are cats are known for being quiet low maintenance cats. They are not trainable, but it is easy to train dogs, dogs that may or may not be of the same species of the owner. They are very playful cats, and they can be trained to do tricks. They are smart cats, and they require the same attention that the cat owner would seek of them..

Are Devon Rex cuddly?

The Devon Rex is a breed of cat. It is one of the oldest naturally occurring breeds of cat and has a high mutation rate, so different Devon Rex cats may look very different from one another. The Devon Rex is a medium-sized cat and its coat is curly. The Devon Rex is a very intelligent and playful cat and likes to follow his human everywhere. The Devon Rex is a dog-like breed of cat. It is affectionate and loyal, so it is good for families with children. It is a good choice of cat for the elderly because it is easy to care for. The Devon Rex is a very sociable cat. It does not feel comfortable being left alone for long periods of time..

Do Devon Rex cats meow a lot?

Unfortunately, Devon Rex cats don’t actually meow, they make their own type of vocalization, which is more of a trill. These vocalizations are so high pitched, you might even mistake it for a bird! If you’re looking for an intelligent cat that doesn’t meow too much, then the Devon Rex might be for you..

Are Devon Rex good pets?

This particular breed of cat is incredibly cute, and will take to you as soon as they come to your house. Although they look like a typical cat, they are very different. Their hair is curly and it can be a little wild. They have a wonderful personality, and a gentle heart. This is a real cat lover cat, and makes a wonderful friend. They will be a great addition to your family..

Should I get a male or female Devon Rex?

We are not sure where you live, but any pet store will have cat food cat food for Devon Rex. The food is essential for the Rex to keep it’s fur healthy and to keep it happy. Make sure to find the best Rex food for your pet. Your Devon Rex will be prone to hairballs if you do not feed it the right food. We recently purchased a Devon Rex and were told that the best food for the Devon Rex is Blue Buffalo. The pet store owner said Blue Buffalo is the best food for the Devon Rex because it helps the Devon Rex with the hairballs..

Can you train a Devon Rex?

__% of the Devon Rex likes to be trained. Just like any other pets, you can train a Devonshire. The best way to train the Devon Rex is to be patient and positive. Patience is very important because if you try to force the Devon Rex to do something it will want to do, it will resist and will not be trained. Patience is also important because if you become angry or impatient while training, the Devon Rex will react by acting out. The best way to train the Devon Rex is to be patient and use positive language like “good boy/girl” or other types of positive phrases..

How old do Devon Rex cats live?

Generally, a Devon Rex can live up to about 15 years. But it is not unusual for a Rex to live to be 20 years old. It all depends on the care and treatment they receive. A healthy Devon Rex can live longer than a non-Rex cat. In fact, the average life expectancy of the Devon Rex is about 15 years. Some Devon Rex cats have been known to live as long as 20 years..

How often should you bathe a Devon Rex?

The recommended frequency for bathing your Devon Rex is at least once a month. They don’t require bathing regularly, but they do require regular grooming. Due to the fact that the Devon Rex has a relatively oily coat, bathing should be an occasional occurrence. You don’t need to bathe them more than once every two months. To bathe your Devon Rex, follow these simple steps:.

Why does my Devon Rex smell?

Let me quote something from WikiAnswers- “The Devon Rex breed, in general, is highly predisposed to health problems due to its physical traits, namely its extremely curly coat, which has a tendency to trap bacteria in their skin folds. The skin folds in the Devon Rex are also in places where bacteria normally live, so it is not uncommon for them to suffer from infections in these areas.”.

Can Devon Rex be left alone?

Devon Rex is a cat that is very social and interactive with people. This breed loves social interaction and attention from his owners. That said, cats don’t need to be alone to live a long and happy life. A Devon Rex can be left at home alone when his owner is at work and is likely to be fine and even enjoy the time alone. It would be a good idea to leave a radio or TV on for him and make sure he has lots of toys and a cozy place to sleep. As with any pet, there is a chance of him becoming lonely and destructive when left alone for too long. If you have to leave him for more than 12 hours, it is best to consider finding a pet-sitter to come over and check on him during that time..

How do you take care of a Devon Rex cat?

Devon Rex is a domesticated breed of cat with the kinked hair, similar to the Cornish Rex, like that of a rabbit’s. This breed of cat has a very unique, curly hair. Devon Rex is also humorous, playful, humorous and friendly to everyone..

Do Devon Rex shed hair?

The Devon Rex does shed a decent amount of hair. They usually shed any excess hair when they groom themselves. It is not uncommon to see a Devon Rex owner’s lap covered in cat hair. The shedding of the Devon Rex does not have a negative effect on the cat itself, however, if you do not have a Devon Rex, the cat may give off a distinct smell. This smell is a result of the excess hair that a Devon Rex sheds. This smell will not affect a Devon Rex, however, a cat that does not shed a large amount of hair will smell..

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