How Long Does A Devon Rex Live?

Cat Cornish Rex on a bright orange background

The Devon Rex is a type of cat that is known to live around 16-18 years. The average lifespan of a Devon Rex is around 15 years..

Are Devon Rex cuddly?

The Devon Rex is a small, longhaired cat with a winsome expression. It is a playful, loving, gentle pet that can have a high-pitched meow. It is intelligent, but it can be shy toward strangers. The Devon Rex is a small, longhaired cat with a winsome expression. It is a playful, loving, gentle pet that can have a high-pitched meow. It is intelligent, but it can be shy toward strangers..

Do Devon Rex have health issues?

Yes, Devon Rex cats can have health issues. They can develop eye issues due to their unique eye shape. They are predisposed to lens luxation or dislocation, ectopic cilia or polycystic kidney disease. They are also prone to dental issues. They are the only breed of cat that can them with extra toes. The most common are polydactylism, in which they have an extra paw. They are also prone to skin allergies..

Are Devon Rex good pets?

Devon Rex is a lovable and affectionate cat. They can get along with other pets and kids. They are incredibly playful and independent, so they won’t destroy your home. They are extremely intelligent and curious, so you can engage them in playing games and other intellectual activities. They are also lovable and can become a very good companion for everyone in the family. So if you are looking for a smart cat that loves to be a part of the family, then a Devon Rex will be a good choice. Here are some more reasons to choose a Devon Rex as a pet:.

Are Devon Rex lap cats?

First of all, you have to know that a lap cat is a cat that prefers to sit on a lap, as opposed to a cat that sits on a lap only temporarily.. Devon Rex is a cat with a slender body, a tapered head and large, green eyes. It has a wedge-shaped face, a long neck and a very short, fine coat, often in solid colors such as light gray, brown and rust. They were developed during the 1960s by a breeder named Joyce Langridge. She was trying to create a longhaired cat with the softest coat possible. The cats caught on quickly and Devon Rexes can be found all over the world..

What is the personality of the Devon Rex?

The Devon Rex is a playful, happy and highly curious cat. They love to play and interact with their human companions and other pets. They can get along well with other pets and are fun to be around. They usually like to play with toys and investigate things like boxes and bags. It might be great for you to keep cat toys and things like boxes, bags and paper around the house for this curious cat to keep busy. If your Devon Rex doesn’t seem to be playful and active, you might want to ask your vet if she has any other problems or if there is a medical reason for it..

Are Devon Rex cats soft?

Devon Rex cats are not that soft. They are just like any other cat. They may be soft to you but that does not mean that the cat is soft to others. It is just that they do not scratch you because you are their owner. So Devon Rex cats are not soft..

How old do Devon Rex cats live?

The Devon Rex is a fairly new breed of cat which were created shortly after World War II in England by a breeder named Beryl ***. The Devon Rex averages around 4-8 years in life span, although some Devon Rex cats have been known to live as long as 15 years..

How often should you bathe a Devon Rex?

It depends on the weather and how much time your Devon Rex spends outside. The hotter and more humid it is, the more often you’ll want to bathe him. For indoor cats, the number of baths will depend on the condition of their environment and how much play time they get outside. If your cat spends time outside, you should bathe him every month..

Why does my Devon Rex smell?

Devon Rex, like many other cat breeds, have a very distinct and recognizable smell. Personally, I find the smell of a Devon to be very pleasant. They smell like vanilla, but this might be genetic. The reason why Devon Rex cats smell like vanilla is because the parent genes that control the coat and body structure of Devon Rex cats contain a gene that produces vanilla-like scents. Many people view the smell of a Devon Rex cat as a positive thing, although their unique scent can be off-putting to others. The Devon Rex cat breed was named by Dr. Willard Centerwall in the 1960’s. At the time, Dr. Centerwall was a geneticist who had been working on creating a hairless cat. However, while his hairless cat breed did not gain much popularity, the Devon Rex cat did. You should know that you should not bathe your Devon Rex cat too often, as this can damage their skin and coat. While the Devon Rex has not been around for very long, it is a popular breed because of its unique coat and behaviors..

Do Devon Rex cats meow a lot?

To answer your question I am going to tell you a little bit about the Devon Rex cat’s personality and a few facts about them. First of all, I want to say that Devon Rex cats do not meow a lot. In fact, they hardly meow at all. Most of the time they communicate through body language, which is more effective. They love to communicate with their owners through touch, smell, and sound. In fact, they would rather use their nose to smell you or your possessions before asking you to pet them. However, if they do feel like they need to meow they can be loud and demanding..

Are Devon Rex cats loud?

Yes and no! All cats have a voice and can meow, but some cats meow more than others. Some cats even seem to have entire conversations with their owners. The Devon Rex cat breed is known to be an especially chatty cat, and some Devon Rex cats can be very vocal. In the wild, the Devon Rex’s voice would have been used to communicate with other cats about food or to warn of danger. In a home, a Devon Rex cat’s voice is used to communicate with humans. Still, not all Devon Rex cats are especially noisy. Some are soft meowers, and a Devon Rex cat’s voice often depends on its personality. Take a look at the video below to hear a loud Devon Rex cat, a soft meower, and a Devon Rex cat that doesn’t meow much at all..

Are Devon Rex needy?

One of the biggest misconceptions about Devon rex is that they are needy and dependent. These cats like to be in charge and like to call the shots. So they do like to be around people and they do like affection and attention, but they do not like to be smothered or coddled. If they sense that they are being smothered or coddled, they will push back. They can be demanding and can be a handful sometimes, though..

Do Devon Rex cats get along with cats?

The Devon Rex is a petite cat. Although it is small, it has all the features of a cat. It is friendly and does well with children; it is active and playful and does not mind other pets. It will enjoy the company of other pets and if given enough attention and love, it will turn out to be a very friendly pet. So, the answer to the question, “Do Devon Rex cats get along with cats?” is yes; they get along very well with other pets and people..

Should I get a male or female Devon Rex?

Getting Male or female Devon Rex cat is not much different than getting any other cat. It all depends on your needs and liking. Males usually weigh 5-6 pounds and females weigh 4-5 pounds. They are very nice with kids and love to play. Males are smaller than females and might not be able to tolerate rough play as well as female does. There is no difference in grooming or health between male and female Devon Rex. If you are wondering where to buy Devon Rex cat, it’s better to buy them from a reputable breeder. So it is also important to check the quality of breeders who are available in your area. They are very intelligent, docile and playful. They are very affectionate towards family and love to be with them. If you are looking for a cat with dog like qualities, Devon Rex might be an ideal choice for you..

Should I get a Devon Rex or Cornish Rex?

Cornish rexes are a little larger but more muscular and a little wider across the head, head is a little longer and a little thicker, a Devon rex ears are moderately large with flared fur on the tips. A Cornish rex ears are moderately large with flared fur on the tips. A Cornish rex has a longer body with a longer set neck. The Devon rex has a shorter body, the body is thicker and wedge shaped, the neck is shorter. A Cornish rex has a longer, more Cornwall has a shorter top line. The Devon rex takes on a more catlike silhouette. A Cornish rex has longer feet with a larger, more catlike paw. The Devon rex has rounder feet with larger, more catlike paws. The Devon rex has a longer, narrower, more catlike face with a shorter, more wedge-shaped head. The Cornish rex has a shorter, wider face with a shorter, thicker, animal-like head. The Devon rex has large, oval, forward-facing eyes. The Cornish rex eyes are large, oval, forward-facing eyes. The Cornish rex has large, round, forward-facing eyes. The Cornish rex has a nose that is longer, thinner, and more pointed. The Devon rex nose is shorter, wider, and rounder. The Cornish rex nose is shorter, wider, and rounder. The.

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