How Much Do Seal Point Himalayan Cats Cost?

The Himalayan is a cat breed that is a cross between the Persian breed and the Siamese breed. They are hybrid cats, not merely a color breed. However, they are called Himalayan because they are the color of snow on the Himalayan mountains. The Himalayan is a large cat that can weigh between 11-16 pounds. The color of the Himalayan’s coat is what makes this cat stand out. The coat color of the Himalayan is seal point, which is a dark tone of gray with a silvery sheen. The Himalayan also has face point coloring, which is white fur on their face, chest, feet, and tail. Their eyes are yellow, but are said to have a greenish-blue hue..

How much money are Himalayan cats?

Himalayan cat is a very attractive breed of domestic cat. They are usually found in Himalayan ranges in different parts of the world. Himalayan cats are generally mixed cats. However, these are mostly famous for their snow-white fur coat. Himalayan cat is considered to be one of the purest breeds of cats. Although these cats are very popular and expensive, you can still get them through online kitty adoption..

How long do seal point Himalayan cats live?

Seal point Himalayan cats are famous for their longhair. This color tends to make them look older than they are. But don’t worry, they typically live to be between 15 to 17 years old. The normal lifespan for an indoor cat is 15 to 20 years, but these little cats are known for outliving that expectation. The breed is not prone to any diseases or conditions that shorten their normal life span. They’re just very happy, affectionate cats..

What is the rarest Himalayan cat color?

The only Himalayan cat color which is not possible to find is a pure white Himalayan. One can be white with a few dark spots, but white cats are always not the same as the Himalayan cats. They have a different genetic mutation..

What is a seal point Himalayan cat?

The Himalayan is a Toy breed of domestic cat with a distinctive appearance caused by a color mutation. The coloration results in a cat that has a point coloration similar to a Siamese, but with a shell-like white “glove” marking on the front paws and a white belly. The Himalayan is a relatively new breed, the result of a spontaneous mutation. The original cat that carried the mutated gene was a white cat named “Siam,” owned by a Mrs. Josephine Lockwood of Rome, New York. Along with this cat’s kittens, several other Siamese kittens with color variations were born in the area. A pair of these kittens were given to a neighbor, Elizabeth Tarlton, who named them “Himalay” and “Sh Himalay.” Himalay is a variety of the Siamese breed, and the name “Himalayan” was given to the variety of the Himalayans..

How much is a purebred Himalayan cat?

Prices of purebred cats depends on many factors, such as gender, lineage, and bloodline. The Himalayan cat, for instance, is one of the most expensive breeds out there. The most common ones cost $1,500, $2,500, $5,000, $6,000 and $8,000. The rarest Himalayan cats cost as much as $50,000..

What is the most expensive cat?

The most expensive cat in the world is the Savannah. The Savannah is a hybrid between a domestic cat and a wild African Serval. They can cost anywhere from $4,000 to $80,000..

What health problems do Himalayan cats have?

The Himalayan cats are known for their beautiful, pure white fur. Although the Himalayan cats are beautiful, they are more prone to some health issues especially related to eye, respiratory, and dental problems..

What’s the average life expectancy of a Himalayan cat?

Himalayan cats are one of the breeds that are relatively new to the world of cats. The first Himalayan cat was discovered in May of 1986. These cats are born white and develop their coloring as they mature. The cat’s coloring comes from the extension of the guard hair which is found in their coat. The guard hair is white and is what develops into the cat’s actual coloring. The first litter of Himalayan kittens was produced by mating a black ruddy colored male Persian with a non-pedigreed white female. The first litter of kittens was born in 1987. The first litter of kittens had only one kitten born with the white coloration. The first litter of kittens had one kitten that was born white. The first litter of kittens produced the first Himalayan kitten..

What’s the oldest cat to ever live?

First Known Cat Ever… The first recorded cat ever was in Egypt in 2600 B.C. The white barn cat named “Peters” lived to the ripe old age of 19 years and three days..

Is there a black Himalayan cat?

All Himalayan cats are born white. That’s what makes them Himalayan. As they grow older, their fur become darker. This is the pigment coming through their skin. When you see a Himalayan cat with black fur, it’s due to the color of the cat’s skin. If the cat has white skin, then it means that the cat has the recessive gene for black color, but that it is not expressed. It is expressed only if the cat’s fur is removed..

How do I know if my cat is a Himalayan?

Himalayan cats are a specific breed of cat, and they all have the same distinctive look. So pretty much if your cat looks like this:.

What color is my Himalayan cat?

As reported in 2008 by the American Himalayan Cat Association, Himalayan cats are almost always brown or black with white facial hair and whiskers. They come in three point (including black, white, and brown), solid (brown, black, and white), and color point (black, white, and red, or chocolate). The Himalayan cat’s nose leather is pink; nose leather that is blue or brown is a disqualification. Himalayan kittens are born with blue eyes, which change when they are around three months of age. According to the breed standard, the eyes should be almond-shaped when rounded. The eyes are the darkest shade of the coat..

What is a seal lynx point cat?

A cat with a seal lynx point coat is a cat that has a coloration pattern of black points on a white coat. The black points are commonly referred to as being seal points. The points are found on the extremities, around the eyes, mouth, chin, and the tips of the ears..

What’s the difference between a Persian cat and a Himalayan cat?

The Persian cat is a large cat with a short, flat face and a short snout. It has large, round eyes and a small nose with a wide stop. The coat of a Persian cat is longer and softer than the coat on a Himalayan cat. The Persian cat is a general breed of cat with a coat that is long and silky, and it is non-matting. The Himalayan is a petite, breed of cat that has a round face and a short muzzle. It also has large eyes and a nose that is medium to small. A Himalayan cat’s coat is shorter and has a wavy texture. The color of a Persian cat can be black and white, and this cat’s coat has a mix of colors and is short, and the hair is non-matting. The Himalayan can be a solid color and has a wavy, medium length coat. The color is a mix of gray and white and is non-matting as well. So the only difference between the two is the length and texture of the coat. Both of these cats are lap cats and like to be around their humans..

What is the difference between Siamese and Himalayan?

Siamese cats are born white, but develop colour during the first five months of their life. Himalayan cats are born all-white, but the points (the ears, nose, lips, legs and tail) colour up with age. Both types of cats are descended from Asian cats, but were bred separately by American and British cat fanciers. Himalayans are larger than Siameses, and tend to develop long legs, while Siamese are bred for their round face and short muzzle..

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