How Tall Do Australian Shepherds Get?

Australian Shepherd puppy in winter

The Australian Shepherd’s average height is around 20-22 inches. That’s roughly equivalent to 50-52 centimeters, or almost 20 inches. Australian Shepherds stand approximately 10 to 12 inches at the shoulders and can weigh anywhere from 30 to 70 pounds. The Australian Shepherd’s height and weight vary depending on whether it is one of the show line dogs or one of the working line dogs. Working line Aussie’s tend to be taller and heavier than the show line dogs. The tallest Australian Shepherd on record stands at 41.75 inches and weighs in at 87.5 pounds..

How tall will my Australian Shepherd be?

On average, an Australian shepherd is around 18 inches tall measured from the shoulders (withers), according to the breed standard. But the size of an Aussie breed can vary even among their own kind. They can be as big as 20 inches or as small as 16 inches. You should also keep in mind that the weight of the Australian shepherd also differs depending upon the size. A full grown Australian shepherd should weigh around 45-60 pounds for males and 35-50 pounds for females..

At what age is an Australian Shepherd full grown?

Australian Shepherds are a medium sized breed. In general, their hair grows longer as they age. Full grown Australian Shepherds are around 19 to 23 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh anywhere from 35 to 45 pounds. This breed of dog can live from 10 to 15 years..

How big do full Australian Shepherds get?

Aussies can vary in size, depending on what you mean by ?full grown’. Most dogs will be about 24 inches at the shoulder (measured from withers to the floor), but can vary from 22 to 26 inches. Some dogs will be smaller, some larger. Weight also varies. A large male will weigh about 65 pounds, but can vary from 50 to 75 pounds. Smaller females will weigh from 45 to 55 pounds. Full grown means from 8 to 10 months..

How big is the largest Australian Shepherd?

The American Kennel Club breed standard calls for a working dog between 18 and 22 inches tall at the withers, with a weight between 30 and 45 pounds..

How big do Teacup Australian Shepherds get?

Teacup Australian Shepherds are becoming increasingly popular as pets, so much so that there are unscrupulous breeders who are breeding them to meet the demand. Below are some pictures of what “teacup” Australian Shepherds are supposed to look like..

How long do Australian shepherds live?

Australian Shepherds can live up to 12-15 years and it is a medium sized dog weighing about 35-45 pounds and stands about 17 inches tall..

How often do Australian shepherds need to be walked?

Australian Shepherds are indeed very popular among dog owners due to their intelligence and stamina. These are very active dogs which are very good with children. Their exercise needs are very high. They are not suited to apartment living. They need to be taken for three walks every day. Aussie’s are known to be escape artists, so they need to be walked on-leash. If you are not willing to walk them that much, then you must think otherwise..

How long should I walk my Australian Shepherd puppy?

The correct amount of exercise for an Australian Shepherd is about thirty minutes or more per day, including walks or running. It is essential that you provide your Shepherd puppy with enough exercise to ensure that he or she is physically healthy, emotionally stable, and protected from obesity, which is a common problem with puppies. Exercise gives your Australian Shepherd puppy a chance to have fun, learn, improve their muscles, and socialize with other animals, people, and other puppies. Being able to spend time outdoors with other animals, people, and puppies will help your puppy to become healthier and better prepared for life..

How much do Australian Shepherds cost?

One of the following Australian Shepherds is going to be the perfect pick for you, depending on what you’re looking for: * [Top Pick]( * [Best Value]( * [Best for Large Dogs]( * [Best for Small Dogs](

Do Aussies bark a lot?

Yes, they do. Aussies are considered one of the best guard dogs and can be quite noisy and territorial. They love and respect their owner and family and will defend them against anyone trying to invade their territory. But, they are exceptionally friendly and loving to anyone who is socialized with them and welcomes them into the family. When they hear the door open, they will run to greet you! They love attention and play. They are a very active breed and love to play ball with their owners or run around with their family in a large yard..

Do Australian Shepherds like to cuddle?

Australian Shepherds are not cuddly dogs. They are not like Labradors or Golden retrievers. They are more like Collies. They like to be part of the family, but they like to be with their own pack too..

How do you tire out an Aussie puppy?

Australian Shepherd puppies are very energetic they love to run around. You have to keep them occupied to tire them out. Tug of war, fetch or just running around the yard will tire them out..

What is the smartest dog?

The smartest dog is a matter of opinion, but there is a definite leader in the contest. It’s not a commonly known dog, but it’s a favorite of many who have owned one..

Is an Australian Shepherd a good family dog?

__% of the most popular breeds in America are small dogs. This is due to the fact that small dogs are easier to take care of and they’re not as overwhelming as bigger dogs. Australian Shepherds fall in the medium size dog category, and can range in size from 19 inches to 24 inches. They’re extremely good with children and very playful and energetic. They like to follow their owners and like to play and be involved in whatever it is that you’re doing. They also like to cuddle and be with their owners. They’re very loyal, and will defend their family with their very lives. They’re known to be one of the most intelligent dogs out there too..

Why do breeders dock Australian shepherds tails?

There are several reasons for docking tails. The most common reason is to prevent injuries to the owner. Australian shepherd dogs are very high energy, and, as a result, are often injured by their own tails. Because the tail is docked at an early age, the dog is less likely to be injured as he grows. Many dog handlers consider tails a dirty part of the body, especially during shows. Docking tails makes the dog more appealing to judges. An Australian shepherd’s tail is docked between 4 and 10 days old. This procedure is known as “pinning.” Sometimes, the tails of puppies will be docked later than 4 days. This procedure is known as “banding.”.

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