How To Identify A Russian Blue Cat?

Studio shot of an russian blue cat, kitty standing on blue, clouds background.

The first thing that you might notice about a Russian Blue Cat is that it has a rust or dark brown coat, with a slightly lighter shade of fur on its stomach. In addition, you might notice that it has a long, elegant, tapering tail. It also has a round face, big, round, green eyes and a white chin. One way to identify a Russian Blue Cat is by the color of its coat. Russian Blue Cats have a light gray or a light brown coat that is a steel blue or dark blue on the top of its spine and a steel blue or dark brown on its cheeks..

How do I know if my cat is a Russian blue?

A Russian Blue cat has deep blue eyes, a short straight nose, short whiskers, and very short ears. Their smooth, short coats are either one color or patched with two tone colours. Their fur is very fine and the dense hairs are shorter than other cats’ coats. Russian Blue cats are playful and inquisitive, and they are known to be quite vocal. As with many other breeds, the females tend to be more highly coloured than the males..

Is my cat Korat or Russian blue?

Your cat is most likely a Korat. Korats and Russian Blue Cats both have greyish fur, but Russian Blue Cats have blue fur and Korats have grey..

What is the difference between a Russian Blue and a Chartreux?

A Chartreux cat is described as having green eyes, because its coat has green points. It is also commonly mistaken for a Russian Blue because of the dark points. But the Chartreux cat was bred in France while the Russian Blue originated in Russia. The Chartreux was not imported to America until the late 1920s. It’s an elegant cat with a unique color because it has green points, while the other colors are blue..

How do you tell if your cat is a Chartreux?

First of all, you have to identify what color your cat is to determine if it’s a Chartreux. Some clues are the breed’s coat patterns. The Chartreux’s coat is white or cream with dark brown or black patches. It also has short fur. The combination of the colors should be unique to this cat breed. If your cat doesn’t have these colors, then it’s not a Chartreux..

What color eyes do Russian Blue cats have?

Russian Blues have either gray or blue/gray eyes. Their eyes are always different in color. The vast majority has blue eyes. The very rare kittens with gray eyes are usually deaf. Russian Blues with gray eyes are called in Russian special, or “odd-eyed” blues. This unique trait is associated with the unique power of the eye, which allows the kitten to see objects in the dark light. It is not recommended to keep Russian Blue cats in very dark rooms. Color eyes do not affect the overall health of the kitten..

Do Russian Blues like to be held?

Russian Blues like to be held and petted like most cats, and most affection they show is in the form of head and neck rubbing and purring. They are not, however, lap cats..

What is the rarest eye color in cats?

The rarest eye color in cats was the yellow eye color. However, it is not seen much today. It was seen in Siamese and related breeds, and in American Curls and Asian Shorthairs. The Siamese cats usually have an eye color that is blue or yellow. The blue eye color is the most common. The green eye color is the least common. The yellow eye color is more common in females. The blue eye color is more common in males..

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