How To Start Breeding Savannah Cats?

A Savannah Cat with Frankfurt Skyline

Breeding Savannah cats ? a brief guide ? An article by ?Sharon Grote The Savannah cat is an exciting new addition to the world of purebred felines. Many owners availing themselves of this breed, as well as those who would like to, are curious as to how this breed reproduces itself. Here is a brief overview on how to start breeding Savannah cats, how to breed Savannah cats, and the general routine which follows..

How hard is it to breed Savannah cats?

It’s not as easy as it sounds as breeding Savannah cats is as complex as it gets as you need to start your breeding program from a very small group. Savannah cats are not cheap to buy and obtaining a viable breeding pair can be a costly affair, but if you have a good breeder, you may be lucky. Apart from the cost of a breeding pair, you also need a large space to be able to house the cats during the breeding period. It is recommended that you house to house the pair in a separate area from the other Savannah cats. If you do not have the space, then you will need to purchase a special cage for this purpose..

Do you need a license to breed Savannah cats?

No, not in the US. There’s no local, state and federal laws and regulations that specifically govern the breeding of Savannah cats; however, we suggest you do not try to embark on this venture if you lack the knowledge and the skills required to handle these animals..

Can I breed my Savannah cat?

You can. But there are some things you should know before you get started. Males will reach sexual maturity at the age of 12 months while females will reach sexual maturity at the age of 14 months. The gestation period for Savannah cat will take anywhere between 61-65 days. Savannah cat litters may consist of anywhere between 1-3 kittens. Females might show more aggression while they are in season..

Is it profitable to breed cats?

Breeding cats can be lucrative, and can even turn into a very profitable business. If you’ve got the patience and the will to invest your time and money in raising and selling kittens you can earn a decent income, and it doesn’t take a huge investment to begin with. The first thing you need to do is figure out what breed of cat you want to work with. This is important because different breeds require different amounts of care and attention. The four basic categories that you’ll need to consider are the following:.

How many kittens can a Savannah cat have?

The number of kittens that a SAVANNAH cat can have varies according to the particular kitty, not to mention the environment he lives in. Those who are in captivity, will be limited to the number of kittens they can have, based on the number of people taking care of them. Savannah cats are very unpredictable. The number of kittens the cat produces will depend on the amount of nutrition she receives. If she gets all the nutrition she needs, she can have 1 to 6 kittens..

How much is a Savannah cat worth?

A Savannah cat is a hybrid cat?a cat created by breeding two different species of wild cats. It is believed that Breeders created the Savannah cat by breeding a domestic cat (Felis catus) with an African Serval (Leptailurus serval). These cats are extremely expensive, and these cost depend upon the availability, the breeders credibility, the kitten’s pedigree, and the kitten’s lineage..

Which states allow Savannah cats?

As of January, 2016, there are 14 states in America where Savannah cats are legal to own. They are: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Vermont..

What’s the difference between F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 Savannah cats?

F1 – A F1 Savannah cat is a first generation Savannah cat. That means both of the Savannah cat parents are Savannah-dominant domestic cats. F2 – A F2 is a Savannah cat that is the offspring of an F1, or Savannah cat. These cats should exhibit 25% Savannah characteristics. F3 – The F3 generation of Savannah cats is the offspring of an F2, or Savannah cats. They should exhibit 50% Savannah characteristics. F4 – The F4 generation should exhibit 75% Savannah characteristics. F5 – The F5 generation of Savannah should exhibit 100% Savannah characteristics..

Why are Savannah cats so expensive?

Savannah cats are the result of a cross between a domestic cat and a serval, a wild African cat. The Savannah cat breeder has intentionally produced the Savannah cat by crossing a domestic cat, such as an exotic short-hair or a domestic shorthair with a serval. The Savannah cat has the appearance of a serval, lacking only the spots. The Savannah cat is a medium- to large-sized cat with an athletic build and a lean, muscular body. The Savannah cat has a broad muzzle and large ears, the head of the Savannah cat is surrounded by a mane-like ruff. The coat is typically a spotted, though it may also be striped. The coat of the Savannah cat is short and close-lying. The Savannah cat has a tufted tail..

How big do F2 Savannah cats get?

Savannah cats are an amazing mix between a domestic cat and a Serval – a medium sized wild cat who comes from Africa. These mixes come in various proportions and F2 Savannah cats are typically sold and kept as pets and show cats. F2 Savannah cats get their name because they are half way between a F1 and a F3 Savannah cat. A F2 cat is considered a domestic cat and is registered with the appropriate cat breed associations. Like all cat breeds, F2 Savannah cats come in an astonishing range of colors and patterns and can be anywhere between medium and large in size. A F2 cat’s size depends on their breeding and lineage and an adult F2 cat can range in size from 10 to 20 lbs..

Why are Savannah cats illegal in Georgia?

Savannah cats were banned from importation into the state of Georgia in 2005 after the Savannah Cat breeders’ association failed to distribute a study on feline immunodeficiency virus. The study raised fears that a group of feral cats, known as Feline AIDS, might have been the source of the immunodeficiency virus. Remember, Savannah cats are a cross between a domestic cat and a serval ? a medium-sized wild African cat. The Savannah Cat Breeders’ Association claimed that the study was based on faulty science and that the ban was unnecessary..

What is the most expensive domesticated cat?

There are several breeds of domesticated cats which are considered the most expensive, and the breeds include the Persians, the Himalayan and the Savannah. The most expensive domesticated cat is the Savannah, which can cost upwards of $1,000..

How much money do cat breeders make?

The most common cat breeds that are sold at pet stores and breeders include the Persian, the American Shorthair and the Siamese. These cats can sell for as much as $1,000. Ultimately, the cost is determined by the breeder and how much she wants to sell the cat for. Typically, if a breeder is charging $1,000, you’ll want to ask for a certificate of registry and proof of health. You can also ask for a pedigree or any other paperwork the breeder has on the cats..

What is the most profitable cat to breed?

Most profitable cat breed is Maine Coon. First of all, Maine Coon is the largest breed in the cat family. As many experts claim, this is the smartest cat breed in the world. So, you would not need to spend too much time on cat training. Another point is the price. The price for this breed starts from $500. Lastly, breeders usually take care of this cat for you, so you don’t need to take the responsibility for it..

Is it easy to be a cat breeder?

It is a lot harder to be a good breeder than a bad one. It requires a lot of time, patience and a love for the business. A person has to be prepared to take financial losses for a few years before seeing any profit. It is a long-term business, which requires a lot of hard work and planning..

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