Is It Ok To Shave A Long Haired German Shepherd?

German Shepherd guards the yard

Yes, you can shave your long haired German Shepherd however, you need to shave him properly. You don’t want the risk of getting bitten because of cuts. Be sure to be as careful as possible. If you do not want to risk getting cut, you can take the dog to a professional groomer to do the shaving for you. Shaving a long haired dog doesn’t have to be a task that is difficult..

Is it bad to cut a German Shepherd’s hair?

If you cut your dog’s hair against its natural coat, it will cause the dog to look odd. German Shepherds are supposed to be double coated because of their breed, but they should never be cut like Pomeranians because the coat is too long. If you really need to cut your dog’s coat, take it to a professional groomer. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until the coat stops growing so you can cut it yourself..

How do you trim a long haired German Shepherd?

A long haired German Shepherd requires more grooming than most other dogs. If you truly want to keep your dog’s hair long, you will have to brush him at least once a week. If not, his hair will get out of hand. You will spend time cutting his hair or it will shed all over your home. Click here if you want to learn how to trim a long haired German Shepherd..

How often should a long haired German Shepherd be groomed?

Good grooming is essential to prevent matting and tangles from setting in. In addition to making your dog look good, good grooming helps to identify problems before they become major issues. The frequency of grooming will vary according to the type of coat your dog has. Dogs that have longer coats will require a lot more time and effort to care for. You must always brush your dog’s coat at least once a week to maintain a beautiful, clean looking dog. The other thing you need to do is to make sure you are not brushing through to the skin. This will cause your dog to shed excessively. You should try to brush out tangles and mats as soon as you find them. If you do not, there is a chance your dog will end up with major mats that can be very painful and time consuming to remove..

What happens if you shave a long haired dog?

If you shave a long haired dog, it’s fur may never grow back again. There are certain types of dogs which produce an extra layer of fur during the winter months, so constant shaving will take off this coat, and the dog may never produce it again. It is also advised that you check with your veterinarian before you shave your dog. It is especially important, if your dog has health problems, to check with your vet. Even if you don’t have any health problems, there may be some medical procedures that your dog goes through, to keep it healthy, that may prevent you from shaving parts of their body..

Do German shepherds need haircuts?

Dogs do need haircuts, but German Shepherds should be OK without it. The long coat of a German Shepherd is sometimes considered a disadvantage, but it is actually a very practical solution to many potential problems. The coat of a German Shepherd is considered as a natural defense mechanism as it offers protection against natural enemies. In this regard, the long coat is a great asset for a working dog. Because of its long coat, the German Shepherd is less prone to mange and parasites. In addition, the coat provides a good protection against extreme temperatures. The long hair also helps to repel dirt and water. The coat can also be a big advantage when you have to take your dog to a show..

How do I groom my German Shepherd at home?

Grooming your dog should be not be your full-time job. Grooming your dog at home should be like brushing your own hair or trimming your beard. It’s a task you should do regularly (weekly or bi-weekly) but not necessarily everyday..

Can you cut a husky’s hair?

Huskies, like most dogs, can be bathed and clipped regularly. However, they cannot be shaved like a cat. They do not grow their winter coat (the thick and beautiful double coat) all over their bodies like other breeds. The only places they grow the long and beautiful coat are on their face, neck, chest, legs, and tail. If you try to shave the rest of the dog’s body, it will grow back with an almost human-like peach fuzz. That whiskery wisp is almost the same color as the dog’s natural coat and it really doesn’t look good. Not very dog-like. The best way to get rid of that wispy hair is to give the dog a nice bath, then brush all the hair out until it is nearly smooth..

Do long haired German Shepherds have an undercoat?

Actually, most the dogs that are in the same family as the German Shepherd are double coated. Seeing that, it’s no wonder that the phrase “a dog with a double coat” is sometimes interchangeable with GSDs. It is no secret that, with a double coat, it will be warmer for the dog in the winter months, but it is also more likely to shed. The bottom line is, your dog won’t necessarily need an undercoat to maintain warmth. He will shed, but it won’t be too much of an inconvenience. But, if shedding is already a problem, consider having your dog groomed. He will be less likely to shed that way..

How long do long haired German Shepherds live?

German Shepherd Dogs are not normally bred until they are fully grown at about 18 months of age, however the breed is known to live for about 11-13 years. The key to a long life is to remain active throughout your German Shepherd’s life..

How bad do long haired German Shepherds shed?

German Shepherds are one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States. They are natural born protectors, making them a very good dog for home security. Their long-haired coats are very healthy and easy to maintain. They require brushing once a week, baths about once a month. The amount of shedding that takes place is very minimal, only about 10% of German Shepherds shed. They are also very loyal dogs, making them very affectionate to their owners. This breed of dogs are very easy to train. They are very energetic so they need to be trained where it is safe to roam. All in all German Shepherds are one of the best dogs to have..

How do you keep a long coat German shepherd?

German Shepherd’s fur has several layers. First layer is the long, coarse outer coat that ranges in color from buff to almost black. Second layer is shorter and stands up like “pepper and salt” to help insulate the dog. The third layer is like human hair and gives the coat its color. The undercoat is woolly and oily to protect the dog..

Is German shepherd double coated?

Double coated means that the dog has two different types of hair. One of the coat types of the dog is of a longer length and the other is of a shorter length. Both of these coat types provide protection against hot or cold weather conditions. German shepherd dogs are double coated. This means they have an outer layer of longer, stiff hairs to give them protection against cold weather. They also have an undercoat of short furry hairs to provide them with warmth in cold weather..

Can shaving a dog hurt them?

While shaving your dog might not hurt seriously, there are things you should always keep in mind to avoid any issue. Before shaving your dog, make sure it is completely dry. It is not advisable to shave a dog when it is wet because it might be too slippery to shave effectively. Moreover, if you are using a blade that is not sharp, then there are chances that your dog might suffer from nicks or cuts. So always use a sharp blade. Also, do not forget to have your pet properly examined by a vet before you shave its coat. If it has any skin condition, then shaving its coat can aggravate it. While shaving your dog, make sure you are not cutting its hair or skin when you pull the skin to shave the hair. Never shave any cut or wound. It can result in serious infections, especially in case of wounds. It is better to leave the fur in such cases..

What dog breeds should not be shaved?

Don’t shave your dog if you want him to stay healthy. A few dog breeds are allergic to shaving lotions or they will get sunburned if you do not take care of their fur..

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