What Does A Tonkinese Cat Look Like?

Male Tonkinese cat enjoys his backyard.

The Tonkinese cat has the body of a Siamese, but the longer coat of the Burmese. It looks like a much bigger version of the Siamese, with a full coat and rich, silky-smooth fur. Their eyes are usually amber or green. They stand out thanks to their long, well-muscled bodies and the distinctive “M” marking on their face (which may or may not extend down the body). As for their personality, they are usually playful, affectionate, and loving..

How can I tell if my cat is Tonkinese?

The Tonkinese is a relatively new breed of cat, established in North America in the early 1970s by crossing Siamese with Burmese cats. The result was a long-haired cat having the Siamese colouring – creamy white with colourpoints – and the Burmese temperament – playful, inquisitive, intelligent. The Tonkinese cat is very popular because it combines the beauty of the Siamese with the sunshine-loving nature of the Burmese, and because its long hair is easy to care for. Since it is a relatively new breed, there is no set standard for the Tonkinese cat. However, the Cat Fanciers’ Association places the Tonkinese in the miscellaneous class, meaning the cat can be shown in any color, pattern or coat length..

Are Tonkinese cats expensive?

Yes, Tonkinese cats are expensive, but not as much as Persian cats. One reason is they are not as popular as Persians. And another reason is, because people think they are expensive, so fewer people buy them. In the last couple of years the Tonkinese’s popularity has been growing, so now they are priced at about $900 to $2000..

Are Tonkinese cats rare?

Yes, Tonkinese cats are rare. They are hybrids between Siamese and Burmese cats. It’s hard to tell how many are there in the US, but in the UK, they are ranked as one of the rarest cat breeds..

Are Tonkinese cats nice?

Yes, they are. They are very intelligent and affectionate. They are also very family oriented and love everyone in their family, from kids to adults. Tonkinese cats are not known to develop any health problems, but they have been associated with some hereditary health issues. A Tonkinese cat named Sable is reported to have lived for 23 years and 5 months, which makes them the longest living breed of cat..

How can you tell the difference between a Tonkinese and a Siamese?

Generally, Tonkinese are larger than Siamese. They are almost twice as big. They are also heavier. One big difference between Tonkinese and Siamese is that the Tonkinese have blue eyes, while the eyes of Siamese are brown. Also, the Tonkinese has a longer, thicker coat. The coat is also darker. Tonkinese are easily distinguished from Siamese by their point color, which is seal-point. Siamese are generally more slender. Also, the Tonkinese’s head is larger, and the ears are larger..

What Colour eyes do Tonkinese cats have?

Tonkinese cats come in all colours, including solid colours like brown, blue, green, yellow etc. They also come in bi-colours like brown-blue or blue-green. The eyes of Tonkinese cats are brown, blue, hazel or green, depending on the colour of the coat..

How much is a Tonkinese cat worth?

The Tonkinese is a hybrid cat, which means is is the offspring of two different breeds. The breeds which make up the Tonkinese breed are the Burmese and the Siamese. The Tonkinese breed was developed in the 1970s in the US, in an attempt to acquire the best features of the Burmese and the Siamese. The breed standard for the Tonkinese is similar to that of the Burmese..

Are Tonkinese talkative?

A Tonkinese is a cat breed belonging to the Oriental family of felines. The breed is known for its gentle temperament and playful nature. Tonkinese is not a chatty cat, but is not the quietest breed either. A Tonkinese is very sociable and enjoys the company of its master. A Tonkinese is an intelligent cat breed. It learns very quickly and is very quick to respond to its name being called..

Can Tonkinese cats be alone?

Tonkinese cats are very curious and social. They like to be the center of attention and do well with human company, but they are also happy to entertain themselves. They can be pretty playful, so they’ll need some entertainment to keep them happy. It’s important not to leave them alone for too long. They may become lonely and bored, which can lead to unwanted behaviors. If you are going to have to leave them home alone, it’s a good idea to give them some toys or another cat to keep them busy..

Do Tonkinese cats like to cuddle?

Tonkinese, or Tonks, is a cross between Siamese and Burmese cats. It’s a very warm-hearted breed and is great for families, they enjoy cuddling and love personal attention. They tend to be vocal and they love to play and wrestle with their human companions. They are perfect if you’re an active person and don’t want a cat that will disturb your work and will gladly spend time with you when you’re at home. They love to play and be with their human companions, but they can be a little on the high maintenance side..

What breed of cat is friendliest?

The friendliest cats are the ones that are well socialized, picked up young, well taken care of, and not frightened of humans. The friendliest cats are well socialized early in their lives. Playing with them and taking them to the vet at the right age is always good. Fearful cats can be scary to pet. Make sure to take care of your cat well so it is not afraid of people. Having a cat declawed would result in the cat having a negative attitude toward people..

What is the life expectancy of a Tonkinese cat?

The life expectancy of a healthy Tonkinese cat is 15 years. The average life expectancy of a Tonkinese cat is 16 years. A Tonkinese cat can live as long as 18 years..

Are Tonkinese friendly?

Historically, cats were domesticated in the Indus Valley. Cats were popular in Ancient Egypt and were domestic cats. Ancient Egyptians began to worship and pay tribute to cats by the 18th dynasty and especially in the 19th dynasty. Cats were associated with Bastet and were worshiped as gods. From the time of the Greeks and the Romans, cats have been regarded as good luck and were kept as pets. Cats that were left to fend for themselves in the streets were sometimes given as gifts as good luck..

What is the personality of a Tonkinese cat?

Tonkinese cats are very curious creatures that will enjoy exploring the outdoors if given the opportunity. They are also very agile and intelligent cats, which are capable of learning all sorts of tricks. Tonkinese cats are very affectionate, which is why they are great for anyone looking for a cat that will love them unconditionally..

Are Tonkinese cats like dogs?

No, absolutely not. Tonkinese cats are actually very different to dogs. Tonkinese cats are very easy to train, so you can teach them to do tricks, walk on a leash, or even fetch. Tonkinese cats are very good with other animals, so they’ll get along great with other pets in the house. They’re also very good with children. On the other hand, dogs are very territorial, so they might not take too kindly to a Tonkinese cat taking over their “territory”. Dogs are also very loyal to their owners, so they might not like the attention you give to the Tonkinese cat..

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