What Does A Toyger Look Like?

Two kittens sleeping on a blue couch

Toygers are a relatively new creation, having been developed from a crossbreeding of Bengal and domestic shorthair cats. The Toyger is a medium-sized cat that is muscular and has a small, round head with a short muzzle, round eyes and big ears. Most Toygers have a tyger-like striped pattern on their coats. Drummer, Stripes and Smokey are not only the most popular Toyger colors, but they also happen to be the most common among the wild cats that Toygers are patterned after. The colors gray, brown and white are very rare among Toygers. And black is extremely rare..

How much does a Toyger cost?

For the time being, there are no Toyger breeders outside of Asia so you cannot purchase Toyger kittens without going to Asia. The Toyger breeders in Asia sell Toyger kittens for $1500 to $5000 USD, depending on the quality of the kitten. Definitely not cheap. This high price tag is the result of several factors, including limited supply, popularity, and expenses associated with creating the breed..

Are Toygers illegal?

Here is a good answer from Quora: Toyger cat breed is a hybrid of a serval and a domestic cat breed, resulting in a domestic breed that looks like the wild cat versions. These cats are not an accepted feline breed, and are not recognized by any cat breed associations. In the United States, the Cat Fanciers’ Association does not accept Toyger as a breed. However, the International Cat Association does register Toyger as a breed. It is illegal to own a domestic hybrid cat in some places, such as the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. In this area, ownership of any hybrid cat is illegal and owners can be prosecuted and the animals confiscated and destroyed. This includes the Bengal cat and the Savannah cat as well as the Toyger..

How big do Toygers get?

Toygers are fairly large cats, and can get up to 20 lbs. They grow quickly and they need exercise and stimulation to prevent them from getting bored and becoming destructive. Toygers require a large amount of food and they tend to be fairly active and playful, and they might get into your trash if you don’t keep it properly covered. Toygers are friendly to children and other pets, and they are fairly intelligent. They are also very tolerant..

Do Toyger cats make good pets?

Yes. Toyger cats are loving, loyal, affectionate, friendly, gentle, intelligent, social, clean, highly active, and very easy to care for. When Toyger cats mature, they are very entertaining with their intriguing comical personalities. Many Toyger cats are very devoted to their family members. Toyger cats are very much like dogs in their devotion to their people. Toyger cats are extremely affectionate, so they will follow their family members around the house to be near them..

What is the most expensive cat?

According to Guinness World Records, __, the Scottish Fold cat, holds the record of the most expensive cat. He was sold for over $27,000 in 2010. A few other cats that are more expensive than your typical cat are __, __, __..

What do you breed to get a toyger?

According to the most credible websites that I have found, two toyger parents will only produce a toyger a maximum of a quarter of the time. The most likely outcome from a pairing of toyger cat parents will be a plain domestic cat, with the occasional outcross resulting in a calico or a lynx point. Toyger lovers have found that the best way to get a toyger is to mate a male toyger to a female domestic shorthair. This process is referred to as “line breeding”. The aim of line breeding is to intensify the unique characteristics of a particular cat breed by mating the closest available relatives of the desired cat. For example, if a male and a female toyger, or two male toygers, are mated to a female domestic shorthair, the kittens that are produced will all have a shorter, thicker coat than their domestic shorthair mother..

What states are Bengals illegal?

Yes. Bengal cats are illegal to own in the following states: California, Hawaii, New Hampshire, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, Delaware, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, Virginia, Iowa, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, South Carolina, Illinois, Wisconsin, Alabama, North Carolina, Idaho, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Tennessee, North Dakota, Montana..

Can a Tiger be a house pet?

Apart from the big cats of the family ? lions, tigers, leopards and jaguars ? there are also the small, relatively harmless ones such as the ocelot and the cheetah. These cats are very shy and would rather stay away from humans. The idea of having a cat for a pet is rather strange, but it is something that actually happens. It is difficult for people to resist the idea of having a pet tiger, but it is foolish to think that they will behave just like the cats that are kept in homes. They are much wilder..

Are Bengals illegal in California?

No! After a law was passed in California in 2008, Bengals are not considered illegal anymore. Unfortunately, the law was passed in 2008 and is not effective until January of 2017..

Do Toygers like to cuddle?

Toygers shed a lot. They may not be as cuddly as some other breeds, but they’re very loyal and fun to be with. They’re very playful and they’re smart, as well as being easy to train. I love my Toyger!.

Are Toygers lap cats?

Toygers are very independent and Alpha cats. They do like to sleep with the family and snuggle but they may also have a “favorite” person. They have been known to demand attention from their owners…especially if they have been away from home for a period of time. They are very trainable and have been known to learn tricks and come when called..

How big do Bengal cats get?

Bengal cats can reach up to 17 pounds. Their bodies are medium in length and strong in structure. Their fur is short and sleek. Their coats come in a wide variety of colors and patterns..

What is the most expensive domesticated cat?

The most expensive domesticated cat breed in the world is the Savannah Cat. A fully grown adult can be worth up to $1000. Savannah is an unusual hybrid cat that looks like a wild cat, but is domestic in its behavior. It was created by cross-breeding a Serval ( African cat ) with a domestic cat. Savannahs are still rare, yet steadily gaining popularity..

How much do Toygers shed?

Toygers are usually very small pawed, meaning that they don’t shed much. Toygers shed much less than other animals with double the paws, meaning they are almost no hassle. The time between grooming sessions should be short, as they are very short haired. There are different grooming options, you can brush them once a week, two to three times a month, or just give them a bath once a month. The Toygers are hypoallergenic, so it makes an excellent option to families with allergies. Toygers have very little wrinkles, which mean that there is not much hair to shed. Toygers have no undercoat, meaning that the hair doesn’t shed at all. Toygers are known for their thick fur. Toygers are not known for excessive shedding. Toygers are not known for shedding at all, in fact Toygers are known for their short hair..

Do Toygers like water?

Toygers are not really water-friendly. They are fun loving pets, but most of the Toygers don’t like water. I have never tried to make my Toyger, Splash, to swim. I have 2 Toygers, Splash and Tigger, and both of them hate water. Splash has tried to jump out of the window when he saw water. Tigger has also tried to jump out of the window when he saw water..

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