What Happens To The Puppies If You Breed Two Merle Australian Shepherd?

Australian Shepherd

Merle is a pattern that comes as a result of a gene. Some of the puppies may be born with this pattern and some may not. It is the result of a gene and not a breed. The gene is carried by both parent dogs and is also passed on to the puppies. A review of the outcomes of breeding two Merle dogs (from the merle parent’s side and not from the non-Merle parent’s side) shows:.

Can you breed 2 merle Aussies?

I did look it up on the internet and did come across some addresses of people who did breed 2 merle Aussies. Personally, I would not do this. I am not sure if merle Aussie dogs are accepted for showing purposes, but breeding 2 merle Aussie dogs would definetely result in some really cute puppies. However, the main concern here, especially if you are looking for puppies, is – do not buy puppies from breeders who might not be able to tell the difference between a merle and a tri-colored dog. There are websites which stress the importance of proper testing of breeding dogs before actually mating them. I think, personally, you should also ask your vet about it. He might be able to help..

What happens if you breed two merle dogs together?

A merle dog is a dog that is heterozygous for merle. A merle dog can produce a merle puppy by breeding with any dog that is not merle. What happens if you breed two merle dogs together? A merle dog bred to a merle dog can produce a double merle..

Can double merle puppies be healthy?

Double merle puppies are known to have hearing and vision problems. They can suffer from seizures, mental disabilities and ligament problems. Many double merles also cannot stand up on their own or move, since they lack balance. They often have protruding backsides due to spinal problems. Double merle dogs are often blind, deaf, and prone to eye diseases like cataracts. They are also more susceptible to cancer. The blindness and deafness can occur in one or both eyes. The deafness is genetic and the blindness is caused by scarring of the eyes caused by the malformed cornea. It is not known if double merle dogs are always healthy..

What is wrong with breeding merle?

Merle is an off color. It is one of the biggest things wrong with breeding dogs. It is not the dog’s fault, it is the owner. Merle is found in breeds like Australian Shepherd, Australian Cattle Dog, Shetland Sheepdog, Border Collie, Catahoula Leopard Dog, Berger Picard, American Pit Bull Terrier, Karelian Bear Dog, Curly-coated Retriever, English Shepherd, Gordon Setter, Scottish Deerhound, Irish Setter, Otterhound, Smooth Fox Terrier, Old English Sheepdog, Sealyham Terrier, Welsh Corgi Cardigan, Welsh Corgi Pembroke, Rough-coated Collie, Smooth Collie, Komondor, Pyrenean Shepherd, Kuvasz, Puli, Beauceron, Pyrenean Mountain Dog, Do Pyrenean Mountain Dog, Swiss Shepherd Dog, Mudi, Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, Polish Lowland Sheepdog, Swedish Elkhound, Finnish Lapphund, Finnish Hound, Swedish Vallhund, Norrbottenspets, Norwegian Buhund, Danish-Swedish Farmdog, Swedish Farmdog, Swedish Lapphund, Finnish Lapphund, Karelian Bear Dog, Black Russian Terrier, Czech Wolfdog, German Shepherd Dog, Slovakian Chuvach, Slovakian Wolfdog, Transylvanian Hound, Saarloos.

Is Double merle lethal?

Double merle is lethal to dogs that carry it. They are, in fact, severely handicapped. The merle coloring does not cause any health issues. Instead, it is the merle gene in combination with another gene (usually the color gene, but not always) that causes the problems. Merle dogs are sometimes deaf, blind, or both. They can also be partially blind or deaf. Most often, the merle gene causes the dog to be blue eyed, although the eyes can be half blue and half brown. While it is possible to have a merle dog with both blue and brown eyes, it is not common. Like blue eyes in people, blue merle eyes are usually associated with increased or decreased hearing..

How do I know if my dog is double merle?

First off make sure you know what a “merle” is. A merle is a dog that has a white or cream coat with colored patches of hair. A double merle is a dog that has two copies of the merle gene and therefore has two copies of the merle gene and is homozygous merle. That is the only way a dog can be a double merle. So if you have a litter of puppies and you can’t tell which puppies are merle and which puppies are not it is possible that you don’t have any merle puppies. It is also possible that you have a merle puppy and you might not know because you didn’t know what to look for. So if you have a litter of puppies and the puppies have white patches on their coat you might be able to determine if one of the puppies is a merle by a process of elimination. One of the puppies in the litter is a double merle. To find that puppy first find a puppy that has a white patch. Then look at the eye color of the puppy. If the puppy has a blue eye it is not a double merle, if the puppy has a brown eye it is a double merle..

Can you breed a merle carrier to a merle?

The answer is No. That’s because the merle gene is an incomplete dominant gene. Merle is achieved when the dog receives two merle alleles. The merle gene is incomplete because each merle allele will produce mostly black puppies. Merle isn’t the only incomplete dominant gene in dogs. It is followed by white (W), which is incomplete because white will produce mostly pigmented dogs. The other incomplete dominant gene in dogs is chocolate (ch), which produces mostly brown dogs. All the other genes are complete dominant genes. Complete dominant genes are missing one allele. To get the dominant trait, the dog must receive one allele for the trait (Homozygous dominant). If the dog has two alleles for the trait (Heterozygous), the dominant gene will be masked by the recessive allele..

Why are merle dogs more expensive?

Merle is a pattern of gene that is responsible for making a dog’s coat have black spots. The coat of dog who carries this gene has blue eyes. Though, it can have one of its coat color. The merle gene is almost always incompletely dominant. And this is why merle dogs are more expensive. A merle dog can be jewel, but it can’t be a harlequin..

Can you breed a merle poodle to a merle Australian Shepherd?

Simply put, no. Purebred poodles and Australian Shepherds only come in a single color variation, which is a solid color. Any poodle or Australian Shepherd with a different color pattern is a cross with a different breed, most likely a Border Collie. A merle pattern in a purebred dog means that the dog has a double dose of a gene known as M. The M gene was originally found in a mutant breed of sheep, and is responsible for the merle pattern. In dogs, when a dog has a double dose of the M gene, when it is inherited from both parents, it results in a dog with a merle coat. Merles in dogs can come in a variety of colors, with a variety of different patterns in the colored areas. A dog with a merle coat is still a single color, however. Merle or not, a dog is a single or solid color, with a white or solid colored tail, and a white or solid colored collar. So, no you can’t breed a poodle to an Australian Shepherd, because they are the same color. But you could breed an poodle to a Border Collie or other dog with a merle pattern..

How long do double merle Australian shepherds live?

Aussie breeders have investigated the lifespan of merles in the past. It is difficult to determine the lifespan of merles in Australia, because there are no breed specific health surveys. It is not clear how many merles are bred in Australia, or how many are bred in the US, but it is clear that Merles are in both countries. No one has any idea how long double merles live. Because CERF statistics are reported by breed, not by color type, no one knows how many merles are included in the statistics..

Are all merle dogs deaf?

Deafness in dogs is usually linked to white fur and blue eyes. This is known as albinism, and it’s a recessive trait that’s found in many dog breeds. Merle dogs are also known to be prone to deafness, but not all of them. It’s likely that the traits associated with white fur and blue eyes in merle dogs can be traced back to a gene known as the piebald gene. This gene is responsible for white-colored patches in many dog breeds, and it can also lead to deafness..

Do merle puppies change color?

Yes, merle puppies are born with a color that has patches of red or blue. They do change color as they grow older. It is the process that happens as the hair grows..

What is a ghost merle?

A ghost merle is a dog with a merle gene but no visible merle coloring. Merle is the dilution gene that causes the darker patches of color on many breeds, including Australian Shepherds. A dog that has two merle parents will have merled coloring, but two merle parents are not always merle. So a merle parent can have a merle parent, and still have a non-merle puppy. This is called a double merle, or homozygous merle. This is the only way to have a ghost merle..

Can you breed 2 Blue merles?

You can cross blue merle with blue merle or merle with merle. In either case, you will get all merle puppies, but their color will vary from puppy to puppy. For example, it is common with the merle gene to see a puppy with one black eye and one blue or green eye..

Do merle dogs go blind?

Merle dogs are known to have significant health issues. They are prone to patellar luxation, blindness, skin issues, deafness, cardiac problems, allergies, seizure disorder, osteoporosis, hypothyroidism, eye disorders, kidney disorder, and more. A merle dog should never be bred, because of these problems..

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