What Is A Blue Merle Australian Shepherd?

Australian Shepherd Puppy

The Australian Shepherd is a medium to large sized dog breed. They are known for their intelligence, alertness, and loyalty. Their coats come in solid colors such as red, black, white, or blue merle, or in a mix of these colors, called a piebald or pinto. Blue merle Australian Shepherds have a solid coat with a blue-grey color and a black face, ears, feet, and tail. Blue merle dogs often have blue eyes as well. Blue merle Australian Shepherds may have patches of white on their ears, cheeks, legs, tails, and underbelly..

Are Blue Merle Australian Shepherds rare?

Blue Merle Australian Shepherds are not that rare. Blue Merle Australian Shepherds are bred by cross breeding merle dogs. Blue Merle Australian Shepherds are an unique dog breed. Male dogs are usually 88-105 pounds and female dogs are usually 80-95 pounds. The coat of Blue Merle Australian Shepherds are short. Blue Merle Australian Shepherds are dogs that are very playful. Blue Merle Australian Shepherds are dogs that are very energetic. Blue Merle Australian Shepherds are dogs that are very calm. Blue Merle Australian Shepherds are dogs that are very patient. Blue Merle Australian Shepherds are dogs that are very intelligent. Blue Merle Australian Shepherds are dogs that are very courageous. Blue Merle Australian Shepherds are dogs that are very responsive..

How much do Blue Merle Australian Shepherds cost?

The cost of Blue Merle Australian Shepherds depends on whether you get a puppy or get an adult dog. The puppy costs around $200 but this is not recommended for a first-time owner considering the extra expense and responsibility of cost. Compared to this, the cost of adult dogs is around $250..

Is Blue Merle unhealthy?

Blue merle dogs are not unhealthy. They are actually more prone to deafness, eye abnormalities, and skin problems. However, that doesn’t mean that they are unhealthy. A merle coloring means that the dog has two copies of the merle gene. The merle gene causes the merle coloring, but it also causes deafness. Most merle dogs are deaf in one ear, and some dogs are deaf in both. Merle dogs can also have different eye problems. Half of all merle dogs have some form of eye abnormality, and some dogs have more than one eye problem. There is also a higher incidence of skin problems and other issues in merle dogs. But none of these issues are due to the merle gene. They are independent problems that happen to be common in merle dogs. Most blue merle dogs do not have any of these issues. All dogs have problems – merle dogs just have more than most dogs..

How do I know if my Aussie is a merle?

There are two ways to tell if your Aussie is a merle. The first is to have them examined by an experienced breeder to determine if they have any blue eyes or different colored eyes. The second is to have them examined by a veterinarian and have a DNA test performed to determine if they are carrying the merle gene (mutations of the merle gene which cause different coat colors)..

Can you breed 2 Blue Merle Australian Shepherds?

Breeding 2 Aussie’s with the same Merle gene is a bad breeding practice, and is not recommended. You can read more about this in this link: [ breed Aussie ] The Merle gene is a Dominant trait, and when you breed 2 dogs with the Merle gene, it may lead to genetic defects in the puppies. Not only that, but the puppies will always be either Merle or Non-Merle, and you can’t get a puppy in-between. So if you want a puppy with the Merle gene, you will have to find a different mate, and if you want a puppy without the Merle gene, you will also have to find a different mate..

Why are Blue Merle Aussies more expensive?

Blue merle Aussies are more expensive then the solid color merles, mainly due to their rarity. Blue merle can be seen in all other merle colors, including white merles, and they tend to have more white on them than their counterparts. This can give them a ghost-like appearance and sometimes even a blueish color. It’s a very rare coat that is looked down upon by many. For some reason, blue merles are more susceptible to deafness, so check for this. Make sure they don’t have any odd colored eyes, and check for any white on their legs. That is a sign of hip problems, but many of the dogs you find for sale will have been bred to get rid of these problems. This is a coat that is rare and beautiful, and will be worth more in the future..

Why are Merle dogs more expensive?

Merle dogs are more expensive than others because of their rarity. Most dogs with this pattern are either mixed breeds or are rare Australian Shepherds. People who are looking for this particular pattern are willing to pay extra to get it. Despite the hype, many people are still confused about the pattern of the merle dogs. So let’s see what really is merle dogs..

Do blue merle Australian Shepherds shed?

Blue merle Australian Shepherds are far less likely to shed than the other variants. They are also easier to train. Blue merles are not as common as other colors. ___% of Blue merles are deaf..

How big does a mini blue merle Australian Shepherd get?

The average height of a Blue Merle Australian Shepherd is about 12 inches, but some ranges from 11 to 14 inches. Average weight is about 18 pounds, but some ranges from 16 to 25 pounds..

What is wrong with merle dogs?

Merle is the dilution factor. So, this means that anything that is present in the dog will be diluted. This can be great for breeds that have too much black, but it can be really bad for breeds that have too much white. Merle occurs in breeds that have piebaldism. Piebaldism is the white spotting factor. It is the opposite of albinism. The merle dilutes the dog’s color, while albinism causes it to be too much color..

Do merle dogs go blind?

Dogs with merle coats are subject to progressive pigmentary degeneration of the retina. This is a “congenital” disease, which means that the dog is born with it. The culprit gene is also passed on to all of the dog’s offspring, whether or not they are merle. The disease generally affects the animal between 6 months and 2 years old. It begins with night blindness, which progresses to complete blindness by the time the dog is 4 years old. However, it does not progress in all dogs that are affected..

How do I know if my dog is merle?

Merle is a dilution gene and occurs in many species of mammals and birds. It creates a pattern of mottled splotches of color. Merle dogs may be partially to fully blind, and often have skin and/or nerve problems as well as other health issues..

What is the rarest type of Australian shepherd?

Red Australian Shepherd is the rarest type of the Australian shepherd breed. It was developed in the United States by crossing Australian shepherd dogs of other colors with red Merino ewes that were originally imported from Australia. According to the American Kennel Club, it is the smallest of all the Australian shepherd types..

Can two tris make a merle?

Yes, two Tris can make a merle. That’s what a M-factor generally signifies. A person could have a blue merle dog that has a litter with a Tri-colored dog, and a litter of merles could be the result. The litter will have a 50% chance of being merles and 50% chance of being tris. There’s no way to be certain if two tris can make merles without doing it..

What is a mismarked Aussie?

Mismarking happens when a horse is measured incorrectly and is subsequently placed in the wrong weight class for a race. It is more common at the smaller tracks where the horses are checked manually and measurements are less precise. If a horse is miscalculated and is deemed to be lighter than he actually is, it can result in him receiving an easier field and therefore better odds to win. If he is miscalculated and ends up heavier than he is, then it is at a disadvantage and everyone else will have better odds to win..

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