What Is A Blue Point Himalayan Cat?

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Blue Point Himalayans are a hybrid between a Siamese and a Persian. They come in a variety of colors, but the most common is a pale blue with a lighter blue point. Unlike a Siamese, a Blue Point Himalayan doesn’t have a color point. They’re usually very sweet and have soft voices..

What is a blue Point Himalayan?

A blue point Himalayan cat is a Persian cat with a pale blue point, which is a cat with a white coat and a solid blue face and legs. Blue point Himalayan cats are solids and not pattern cats and they have a short to medium coat. They can also be called “blue” or “blue-point” Persians..

How do I know if my cat is a Himalayan?

All cats are members of the species Felis catus (Latin for “cat”), but not all cats are the same breed. So how do you know if your cat is a Himalayan? The answer really depends on the type of cat that you have. If you have one of the breeds that are commonly called “pointed cats,” then they are most likely Himalayans. These cats are usually white with color on their ears, tails, and legs..

How much does a seal point Himalayan cat cost?

A seal point Himalayan generally costs between $500 and $1500, with males usually costing more than females. These prices reflect such things as the cat’s lineage and the breeder’s reputation, and the cost will vary from breeder to breeder..

How much is a blue Himalayan cat?

The Himalayan breed usually enjoys a life span of 15 to 20 years. Himalayan kittens are usually born with blue eyes at first, which can change to a variety of other colors as they mature. Adult Himalayan cats are often genetically disposed to carried the colorpoint gene. The gene determines whether their eyes will turn green or gold, or if they are unlucky, they will remain blue. The Himalayan breed are also genetically disposed to deafness, which is why breeders should always test their breeding stock for it..

What is the difference between blue Point and Seal Point?

They are both purebred cats with the same colouring. The only difference is that the Seal Point is darker than the Blue Point. A Blue Point has bluish/grayish fur with the tips of the hairs being gray (this is where the name “Blue Point” originates). The Seal Point has even darker grey fur with the tips of the hairs being black (this is where the name “Seal Point” originates). This is why the Seal Point has a “deeper” bluish coloring than the Blue Point..

What is the difference between Lilac Point and blue Point?

Lilac Point Siameses and Blue Point Siameses look very similar. The main difference between these two breeds is that Lilac Point Siameses have a lilac hue in their coat that ranges from a light gray to a deep brown. This shade matches their eyes and lips and gives them a very unique and beautiful appearance. Blue Point Siameses have a lighter, bluish gray hue in their coat and their eyes and lips are blue in color..

Is my cat Persian or Himalayan?

Both Persians and Himalayans are purebred cats with the same ancestors. The only difference between them is that Persians were developed in Europe while Himalayans were developed in America..

What do Himalayan cats look like?

Himalayan cats are known for their snow-white fur and dark points. The points are the ears, face, tail, and feet. Himalayans also have blue eyes. They can be either long-haired or short-haired. Sometimes, they even have a sprinkling of white in their coat. Himalayan cats come in all different colors and patterns. Some Himalayans have a solid white coat. Others have white and another color in the same coat..

What does a seal point Himalayan cat look like?

A Himalayan cat is a purebred cat with a coat that features alternating bands of color. The coat coloration of the Himalayan cat is due to a genetic mutation that affects its hair shaft. The coat of this cat features two different colors. The points on the face of the Himalayan cat are darker than the body color. The color of the body is light gold, red, cinnamon, brown, apricot, cream, white, or silver. The points of the cat’s face are darker than the rest of the body. The points of the cat’s face are very dark brown or darkest black. A seal point Himalayan cat has dark seal brown points. The eyes of this cat are blue, green, or copper (reddish brown)..

What is the most expensive cat?

The most expensive cat in the world is the Savannah cat. The average price of this cat is $1500 to $5000, however, some of these cats can sell for up to $50,000. The unique thing about this cat is that it is a cross between the Serval and the domestic cat. The Savannah cat is not recognized by any major cat association. However, the International Cat Association recognizes the breed..

How much does a tiger cat cost?

A tiger cat is a type of domestic cat that has a wild and exotic appeal. Your first question may be how much does a tiger cat cost? Priced between $50 and $200, it costs on average $100. A tiger cat, also called a Bengal, is a cross-breed between a domestic cat and a wild Asian leopard cat. With its long legs, agile body, and short fur, the Bengal is a gorgeous creature. The Bengal is a good-natured cat, eager to please its owner. It is very smart and can be trained to perform a variety of tricks. Due to its energetic nature, the Bengal needs a great deal of attention and a fenced backyard. The Bengal is a healthy cat that does not have any health problems that are specific to the breed. It has a lifespan of 12 to 15 years..

What is the cheapest cat?

The cheapest cat is the Savannah cat that are sold for around $250. This cat’s life span is average to long. They are social, get along well with other pets and are very easy to care for..

How much should a Himalayan cat cost?

A Himalayan cat is one of the crossbreeds of the Persian and the Siamese cat. So, the price varies depending on who is breeding the cat and if it is pure-bred or not. Normally, a Himalayan kitten should cost around $200 – $600. Talking about the pure-bred Himalayan cat, the price varies with the cats’ level of sociability and looks. The cat can be short-haired or long-haired. Therefore, the average price of the Himalayan cat would be $1,200..

What is the most expensive domesticated cat?

The most expensive domesticated cat is the Ashera cat. The cost of the cat is $ 5,000 , although it has not sold since its inception in 2007. A new owner has finally purchased this cat in early 2010, but the price has not been disclosed, so it’s still a mystery as to how much it costs..

How much are Russian blue cats?

Russian breed cats are known for their shiny and soft hair. They can be found in many colors like chocolate and steel blue. Also, they are affectionate, friendly and social. But they are not for everyone as they require lots of grooming and care..

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