What Is A Devon Rex Cat?

The Devon Rex is a very interesting breed of cat that has a very unusual coat. This cat is named after the county of Devon in Britain. The Devon Rex breed dates back to the 1960s in the United Kingdom. It was discovered in 1966, when a curly-haired kitten was born in a litter of straight coated Devon Rex kittens. It was not recognized as a breed by the Fe?de?ration Internationale Fe?line (FIFe) until 1976. There were thought to be only 150 Devon Rex cats in the world. The most notable feature of this breed of cat is its unusual curly hair. Their hair is not actually curly like a Poodle, but the curls are shorter and tighter. Some Devon Rex cats have no hair at all. The Devon Rex has a friendly and playful personality. These cats love to play and will curl up with anyone who is willing to cuddle with them. The Devon Rex is a very sweet and gentle cat and it makes a very good pet for a loving and kind family..

Are Devon Rex cats good pets?

Devon Rex cats emanate great affection for people. They are also playful and hence very good with kids. Devon Rex is a very intelligent breed of cats and is highly trainable. They are loyal to the core. Their friendly nature has endeared them with most cat lovers. A Devon Rex cat can be described as a dog in cat clothing. So it is no surprise that most Devon Rex lovers keep saying that they are the best pet. The Devon Rex is known for their playful nature..

Are Devon Rex cats affectionate?

Devon Rex is not as affectionate as other breeds such as Persian. These cats can be easily distracted and love playing games. If you want a cat that cares more about you, then this is not the cat for you. They become more affectionate as they grow older and like to be constantly near you..

Are Devon Rex cats quiet?

Devon Rex cats are not extremely noisy. Rather, they are very vocal. They are capable of learning to use their vocal ability to get what they want. They are very intelligent cats. This means that you will have to train your cat to use voice instead of claws. This can be done by keeping her in a room with loud music on until she learns the difference between loud noise and little noise..

What are Devon Rex cats known for?

Devon Rex is a breed of cat that actually resembles an alien or an elf as they have a very elf-like face as well as pointy ears that are high on top of their head. These cats are very playful and are very affectionate. They are also very intelligent and good at learning tricks which makes them cute. To summarize, Devon Rex is a breed of cat that is very affectionate, intelligent, very playful and is very good at learning new things..

Do Devon Rex cats like to cuddle?

I have a Devon Rex cat and she is the best cuddler you can ask for. When I come home from work, she runs up to me and loves to sit in my lap as I pet her. She also loves to be held. She cuddles up with me as I sleep, and she also likes to lay on her back with her paws up in the air. She likes to have her belly rubbed and will “talk” to you when you pet her. You can tell she feels safe and loved when she’s cuddled with me..

Do Devon Rex cats meow a lot?

Yes. I have a Devon Rex (my first cat) and she meows A LOT! She meows when she’s hungry, she meows when she wants to be petted, she meows when she wants attention, she meows when she wants to go out, she meows when she wants water, she meows when she wants to be let in… Yes, she does meow a lot. So if you’re not into that, then you might want to reconsider getting a Devon Rex..

Are Devon Rex needy?

Devon rex cats are generally known to be very active, smart, affectionate and playful. They are the perfect cats for the family with active busy lifestyle. They like to be involved in everything you do. It is true that Devon rex cat are needy but they are also very entertaining. They are very intelligent breed. They are just as capable of being trained to walk on a harness as are many other cat breeds. They are affectionate to their family and are generally not aggressive. They just need to know that you are the pack leader..

Should I get a male or female Devon Rex?

The Devon Rex is a fun breed of cat to own. They are active little explorers, but are very affectionate towards their family. They are very social cats, playful, and can get along with other pets in the household. Male Devon Rex cats are the best choice for many families, since they are generally less expensive to purchase. Many people choose to get a female Devon Rex cat because they are more loving towards their owners. Here is a more detailed comparison of the differences between the male and female Devon Rex cat..

What cat wants the most attention?

All cats want attention. Although, cats with extremely dominant personalities will want more attention. If you’re wondering which cat breed wants the most attention, it’s the Persian and the exotic shorthair cat breeds..

Should I get a Devon Rex or Cornish Rex?

It depends on your expectation. This cat breed is the result of two separate breeds, Cornish and Devon Rex. So, you cannot get a purebred Cornish Rex kitten from a Devon Rex breeder and vice versa. They are called the same thing because they are both Rex cats. But they are two different breeds. If you want to know the difference between the two, here is a good explanation: “Cornish Rex: This breed is named after the county in England in which it was discovered and is the breed most associated with the word “rex,” which is Latin for “king.” The Cornish Rex’s medium length coat is soft and curly, and it has large, expressive eyes. The Cornish Rex is generally considered to be one of the most intelligent cat breeds. It is a fairly active cat that needs a large amount of attention and playtime.” “Devon Rex: This medium-sized breed was named after the county in England in which it was discovered and has a short, curly coat. Some people also call the Devon Rex the “poodle cat” because of its resemblance to Poodles and because it can be very high-strung and sensitive.”.

Are Cornish Rex talkative?

Cornish Rexes are a breed of cat that has a very short and fine coat. They come in a variety of colours and fur lengths. They are a sturdy cat breed that is described as one of the most popular breeds of cat due to it’s quirky and fun personality. Are Cornish Rex talkative? Yes they are! They are the most talkative of the Rex breeds and will happily meow and chatter to you throughout the day..

Are Devon Rex cats destructive?

I have a Devon Rex cat and it’s absolutely not destructive. If anything, she is shy and hardly makes a sound. The Devon Rex is a very affectionate and playful cat and can adapt well to any living space. However, in your case, if your cat is destructive it’s because you’re not spending enough time with her. Giving your cat toys and shelter from boredom will help prevent destruction from occurring..

Which cat is the most hypoallergenic?

If you are allergic to cats, there are certain breeds that are considered hypoallergenic. The most hypoallergenic cat is the Asian sphynx. The hairless sphynx is completely hairless with the exception of eyelashes and the tips of the ears. They are low in allergen because hair carry most of the allergens in cats. If you are allergic to cats, you should consider the sphynx if you want to own a cat..

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