What Is A Russian Blue?

Portrait of a purebred Russian Blue Cat with flowers

A Russian Blue is a cat that can be found in both solid and mixed colors. The color that they have is a mixture of gray and blue, hence the name Russian Blue. The American Cat Fanciers Association describes the color as a pale grayish-blue or a bluish-gray. This breed of cat is a non-pedigreed, semi-longhair breed..

What makes a cat a Russian Blue?

The original Cat Fanciers Federation standard for the Russian Blue is based on the standard for the Russian White. The main difference between the two is the Russian White has white legs, while the Russian Blue doesn’t. The legs of both should be well-feathered. Both should also have the same attributes of the head, eyes, ears, small, medium, well-proportioned, etc. The American Cat Fanciers Association (ACFA) standard for the Russian Blue was developed in 1956. This standard states that the eyes are oval in shape, well opened, and of dark color. The nose is black. The body is of medium size, and the cat has a mink type of coat. The coat is short, glossy, and dense. The standard also says the cat has a rich blue-gray color that shines through on the back of the ears. In order to determine if a cat is a Russian Blue, it must have a full mink coat..

How do you tell if it’s a Russian Blue?

Russian Blue cats are solid blue. They have no tabby markings, and sometimes have a slight smoky look to the color. The ears are short, rounded, and tipped with color, but not tipped with white. They have a short, thick coat requiring only weekly brushing, and they are very, very fluffy. If your cat matches these characteristics, then it’s a Blue, but if not, then it’s NOT a Blue..

What is Russian Blue color?

The Russians call this cat by several names, such as “Russian Blue”, “Russian Blue Cat”, “Russian Blue Cat Colors”, “Russian Blue Cat Breed”, “Russian Blue Cat Breeds”, and so on. The first name is the most commonly used and is also the most accurate, as these cats were first bred in Russia. This breed is called “Russian Blue” in various other languages as well..

What breeds make a Russian Blue?

The Russian Blue cat is an unusual breed of cat that comes from Russia. Although originally used as a working cat for catching rats, it has now become a common pet breed that is very intelligent. The Russian Blue has a coat that is a darker grey, almost a slate grey color. It also has light blue eyes, which gives it its name. So how do you get a Russian Blue cat? There are several ways to have a Russian Blue. They are bred in various ways, so you can choose to have one bred in a shelter, use a Russian Blue breeder, or even have one through a pet store. However, there are certain guidelines that you should follow to ensure that you are getting the best Russian Cat..

Are Russian Blue cats indoor cats?

Russian blue cats have a medium length hair that may require brushing once in a while. They have an elegant appearance with a mixture of light and dark blues with a light gray muzzle and a dark blue tail..

Do Russian Blue cats like to be held?

Yes, they love to snuggle up with you. Most Russian Blues love to be held and petted. They tend to be less active than other cats, and they enjoy spending a lot of time cuddled up with their owners. You can tell a lot about a cat’s personality by how he acts when you hold him. If a cat loves to be held, it means he is a very devoted and loving companion..

Do Russian Blue cats always have green eyes?

Simply put, yes. All Russian Blue domestic cats (with the exception of extremely rare “Blue-Eyed” Russian Blues) have green eyes. The reason for this is that the dominant gene for Russian Blue fur is linked to the agouti gene. The agouti gene is the master gene that controls the color of the coat. It also controls whether or not the eyes will be green, like the fur. Russian Blue cats are born pure white at birth, but develop their fur color after 8-12 weeks. If the coat is blue, then the eyes will be green. If the coat is chocolate, the eyes will be amber. And if they coat is black, the eyes will be either green or red. Russian Blue cats are known for their striking green eyes, so if you find an adult Russian Blue with brown or golden eyes, they’re closely related to the blue Russian Blues..

Are Russian Blue cats talkative?

Russian Blues love to talk. They like to talk about what they like and they like to talk about what they don’t like. They like to tell you what they like and they like to tell you what they don’t like. But they like to talk loudest when they don’t like what they see and hear. So I would say “yes,” they are talkative cats. They will need a lot of talking to when you’re in a room with a Russian Blue kitty..

Do Russian Blue cats have rings on their tails?

A lot of cat owners are not aware of this fact that the tail of a Russian Blue cat doesn’t have any rings. It is very common to see the rings on the cat’s tail due to one reason that the rings on the cat’s tail can be easily seen. The number of rings on the cat’s tail varies from one cat to other. If you look at the cat’s paw, you can easily see the number of rings. However, it is not the same with the cat’s tail. The cat’s tail will not show any ring because the base of the cat’s tail is quite thick and it is covered by the fur. The cat’s tail is too furry and the true color of the cat’s tail can be seen only after few months..

Are Russian Blue hypoallergenic?

Of course, not all Russian Blue are hypoallergenic, but the vast majority are. This is because the cat’s fur is made out of two components: the undercoat, which consists of the hypoallergenic hair, and the guard hairs, which are responsible for the thick, shaggy coat. When Russian Blue are bred for show, their guard hairs are plucked out, leaving only the fine hair that produces the hypoallergenic coat. So, while not all Russian Blue are hypoallergenic, the majority are, and if you’re allergic to cats, you’ll probably be able to tolerate one..

Does Russian have a word for blue?

Yes, Russian language has many words to describe blue. Foreign sources say that Russian language has no words for blue because Russians historically had no blue paint, so they did not need words to describe it. However, this is not true. Russian language had words for blue since the Old Russian period. Let’s see how many correct answers Russian has..

What is the difference between a Russian Blue and a Chartreux?

A Russian Blue is a cat breed that is blue and is of medium size. They originated from Russia and England, and had the reputation of being the most popular cat breed. The Chartreux is also a cat breed of medium size, and originated from France. They are known to be the smallest of the “blue” cats of Europe. Both of them are intelligent and loyal cats, and are very friendly with humans. This is the only difference between the two breeds..

Do Russian Blue cats get along with dogs?

Russian Blue cats are a very independent kind of a cat. So, if a dog stays with a Russian Blue cat, they both should know how to take care of themselves. Russian Blue cats are not very friendly with dogs. But there is a second kind of Russian Blue cat, which is a domesticated animal. This type of Russian Blue cats are raised from a very small age, so they can get along with dogs, children and other animals. In this case, if your dog and Russian Blue cat are both raised from a few weeks old, then the two would get along just fine..

What color eyes do Russian Blues have?

Blue eyed Russian Blues. Russian blue cats are one of the most popular cat breeds in the world, and that is because they are very affectionate and easy to care for..

What breed is a grey cat with green eyes?

The breed of the cat with the described features is the Turkish Van, a breed that originates from Turkey. The eyes are usually yellow, but can be green. Turkish Vans are one of the rarest cat breeds, and are also considered one of the oldest breeds. They are known for their non-recognition of larger animals, including humans. They are said to be excellent mousers. They are muscular, like many of the cats in Turkey, and are often used to hunt. Thse cats are also considered to be very intelligent..

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