What Is The Average Life Expectancy Of A Birman Cat?

The most common health problem that affects this cat is Calcium Oxalate Urolithiasis. In most cases, this is a manageable condition that does not require medical treatment. If your cat is suffering from this condition, you will need to take extra care to avoid the formation of further stones. Feed your Birman cat a low-protein diet. The Ideal water intake for this breed is 30ml per pound of bodyweight. Avoid feeding your cat anything other than fresh drinking water. Keep your cat indoors or make sure that your cat can always access outdoor areas where it can urinate. The other common health problems that affects this breed are polycystic kidney disease; hereditary heart disease; hypertrophic cardiomyopathy; eye problems; feline infectious peritonitis; and chronic pancreatitis..

What health problems do Birman cats have?

Like any other breed of cat, Birman cats also have their share of health ailments. In fact, some of their immediate relatives have been known to have congenital heart defects. However, the breed as a whole has been known to have a longer life span compared to other breeds. That being said, there are a few health issues that have been reported for this breed. One of these is a condition called Progressive Retinal Atrophy, wherein the eyesight of a Birman cat may become poor. While this condition may not become life threatening, it may affect the cat’s ability to see in the later years. The other health concern that has been reported for this breed is polycystic kidney disease, which is also known as PKD. This disease affects the kidneys in Birmans, and in some cases, it has even lead to death. The good news is that the disease is hereditary, so the cat’s offspring, siblings, and other relatives can be tested for the condition. If positive, the disease may be treated..

What age do Birman cats live to?

According to a survey in 2012, the average age of a Birman cat is around 12.5 years. However, it is different for each cat. The lifespan of Birman cats varies from cat to cat. For example, for males, the average lifespan is 15 years and for females it is 13.5 years. The oldest Birman cat was 20 years and 9 months, which is probably the oldest age for a cat..

Are Birman cats high maintenance?

A Birman cat is usually the opposite of the high-maintenance cat. They are generally calm, friendly cats who get along well with any other pets in the house. They are not prone to any specific health conditions, but they do require annual teeth cleaning and grooming. Their long hair requires regular brushing to keep it mat-free. Their long silky hair can get knotted in the coat, so it needs regular brushing..

Do Birman cats need a lot of attention?

Yes they do. While their coats are so fluffy and cute, you can’t resist all the petting and ear scratching. But when you are not around they will miss you so much. If they are the only companion in the house they might get depressed. So it is good to have more than one companion if they are indoors..

Do Birman cats like to be held?

It depends on the cat. All cats are different, and the Birman breed is also very different from many others. Your cat is not likely to want to be held if it does not get any affection from you. But make sure you are giving your cat plenty of affection before you attempt to hold him..

Are Birman cats intelligent?

The Birman cat is an intelligent cat. They are very social and affectionate, and they enjoy games and interaction. They are very loving and amiable, and they get on well with other pets, especially dogs. They are not very territorial and they welcome visitors to their home. They are even-tempered, relaxed cats. If you’re looking for an intelligent cat, the Birman is an ideal option..

What is the oldest Birman cat?

The oldest Birman cat was Flossie who lived to be 24 years old. Flossie was born in February 1979 in Surrey, England, United Kingdom. Flossie started competing in 1995 when she was 14 years old. She died in October 2011..

Are Birman cats lazy?

The Burmese and the Siamese were originally considered to be good mousers, and were bred as such. The Birman cat was bred as a companion to the nobility, and as such has never been bred for hunting abilities..

Can you leave a Birman cat alone?

It depends on the cat. Some cats do very well when left alone, and some don’t. Some cats can entertain themselves (like playing with a laser pointer), and others will be bored stiff and destroy things. It doesn’t hurt to try leaving them alone for a short time (like 2-3 hours) and see how they handle it. A key factor is whether or not the absence of people will make them more or less anxious. If the former, the cat might do fine being left alone..

Do Birman cats like to cuddle?

Birman cats are quiet, affectionate, and responsive to their owner’s touch. They are not very demanding and are easy to care for. If you are looking for a cat that is independent but still enjoys cuddling, then the Birman would be the perfect choice. Their silky fur is soft to touch, and their blue eyes are very charming..

Do Birman cats meow a lot?

Yes, they meow, but it’s not like other cats. Their meow is not loud, but it’s louder than other cats. They usually meow to call others like if they are lost or to wake up owners who are sleeping late. It’s also true that they meow to tell others that they are hungry. So if you don’t want them to meow, you can feed them regularly. They don’t usually meow to call their owners like other cats do. This is an easy way to distinguish between other cats and Birmans..

Are Birmans good pets?

Birmans have a gentle and playful temperament. They are not a yappy breed. Birmans are loyal and love all members of the family. They love to play with people and other household pets such as dogs and cats. All rabbits should be spayed or neutered to prevent unwanted litters. Birmans should live indoors only as bunnies are prey animals and should not be exposed to predators such as dogs, cats, raccoons or coyotes..

Are Birmans affectionate?

Yes, they are affectionate, but they will purr when they are content. They are not one of the most affectionate cats, but they are still good with children and do bond with you. If they are happy, they will love to be petted. You will quickly know when the Birmans are happy. They are also good with other pets in the house. One of the most noticeable personality traits about Birmans are their affectionate..

Are Birman cats good for first time owners?

Hello, I’m Amy and I’m a Birman cat. I’m such a good kitty and I want to be everyone’s friend! I was born in 1990 in ancient Burma, where everyone loved the beautiful markings on my face. I’m so sweet and, in fact, I like to snuggle in the sun and in the nook in front of your fireplace. I must admit that I’m a little curious and love to check out drawers and book shelves..

Are Birmans independent?

Burmese cats are not known for their independence of spirit. This is one of the things that makes them good pets for families with children. They are very loving and get on well with other cats and dogs. In fact, they are generally a very social cat, although they get along better with one or two other cats rather than a bunch of felines..

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