What Should I Feed My Russian Blue?

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What Should I Feed My Russian Blue? Russian Blue cat is very gentle creature that loves to play and to be with you. If you would like to get that loving cat of your dreams, then you should feed him or her with some interesting food. Russian Blue is very fussy eater. So don’t give up if your pet eats only some food. This guide is written for helping you to find some interesting food for your cat..

What is the best food for Russian blue cat?

Russian Blue cats are a sensitive breed, they require a diet that is strictly monitored. In general, a high-quality all-natural cat food is sufficient. They do not have a high nutritional requirement, so you do not have to buy a particularly expensive brand. A high-quality brand, such as Nutro Natural Choice, Natural Balance, Avoderm, Evo, and California Natural, are a good choice. As far as treats go, the best is a special cat treat that is moist and has a lot of flavor, such as Meow Mix Tender Centers. The best food for Russian Blue cats is a homemade diet. Homemade cat food generally is less expensive than store bought, as you can save a lot of money by using only the best ingredients. Many of the ingredients found in cat food can be harmful to a cat’s health, particularly vegetable proteins and preservatives. Never leave a bowl of food out for a cat. It will make the cat ill, as he will gorge on it and eat too much. Rather, make sure to feed each cat individually, and purchase a feeder that will dispense the correct amount of food..

How much should I feed my Russian blue?

Russian Blues are prone to obesity. They are very food oriented and will constantly beg for food. They require between two and three tablespoons of cat food per day. If you feed them more than that they will get chubby, so it will be best to limit what you feed them to that amount..

How can I make my Russian blue cat happy?

Every cat has its “happy place”, but if you’ve ever met a Russian Blue, you know that their happy place is particularly elusive. The cat may not want you to pet it, give it food, or fill its dish with water. It may not want to play, but it does want to be left alone! If you can catch it napping on the sofa, that’s the best time to stroke the cat. Don’t try to change your cat’s personality – just give it time to warm up to you..

What do Russian Blues need?

A Russian Blue will be an affectionate indoor pet. Being a short-haired cat, they need very little grooming. The routine you might need to follow is brushing to loosen dead hair, and brushing to loosen shed hair, but otherwise bathing is not required. A good diet (canned fish meals, not dry food) is essential, though, to keep them healthy..

Do Russian Blue cats like to be held?

Russian Blue cats are very affectionate cats , however, they are not cats that will take to being held or snuggled. They are, in fact, quite active cats. They love to play and will enjoy chasing a toy mouse. If you want to play with your Russian Blue cat, you should make sure you have enough time to play with them. They are not good indoor cats. They are very active cats. They love to play and will enjoy teasing you with toys. They love to jump on furniture to get attention. They should be provided with toys to play with. If you are not able to spend time with your Russian Blue cat, then you should not own one..

Are Russian Blue cats noisy?

The Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) has one of the exact standards regarding Cat Breed standards. This is one of the most popular breeds of cats since 1960s. And they are not noisy..

Can you leave Russian Blue alone?

Yes you can leave the Russian Blue alone. It is a very sturdy breed, that can handle a lot of neglect, as long as it gets food and water..

Do Russian Blue cats scratch furniture?

They do scratch furniture, but not as much as other breeds do. The differences bases on the genetic differences between each breed. If you ask why, the answer is that each breed is developed for certain characteristics, that’s why the behavior of each breed is different. Russian Blue cats, for example, are developed to act like dogs. They are very friendly to humans, they love to play and they are great family pets. If you love this breed, go to shelters to get one, they are very adoptable..

Are Russian Blue cats clean?

Russian Blue cats are the most beautiful cats in the world. They are actually some of the cleanest cats that you will find anywhere. They are also very quiet and content. If you are the type of person that prefers to have a cat that stays out of the way, then this is the cat for you. They are not very demanding and you will not catch them shedding all over the place like many other cats do. The best thing about this cat is that it stays relatively small, reaching only about 8 pounds when fully grown. This is very healthy weight for the size of the cat. This makes it very easy to take care of, especially if you are older or have back problems..

Do Russian Blue cats cuddle?

Russian Blue is a beautiful cat breed with a coat that is lustrous, silky and dense. The color is deep bluish-grey with a satiny sheen. They have a medium-sized body and a round head that comes with a straight profile. The medium-sized eyes are wide set, large and golden-amber in color. This cat breed is a healthy one which is one of the most distinctive characteristics. This cat breed is an intelligent one. These cats are gentle and affectionate. These cats are excellent pets. Russian Blue cats are ones that are playful. These cats are the ones that are the most docile. These cats are said to be the most sociable. These cats are said to be the best companion. These cats are the ones that are energetic. These cats are the ones that are vocal. These cats are said to be the ones that are extremely loving. These cats are the ones that are the most vocal..

Are Russian Blue cats indoor cats?

Russian Blue cats are short and stocky and in order to stay in shape and healthy in the long run, it is very important that they get to play in the outdoors and enjoy the sunshine at least once in a while. The coat of a Russian Blue cat is double and slightly coarse. So these cats can take the cold and they do not need to be sheltered from the outdoor elements all the time. If they do start showing signs of poor health or if you notice them shivering in the cold, then it is advisable to take them inside..

Why are Russian Blue cats expensive?

Russian Blue cat is a breed of its own kind. The coat of a Russian Blue cat is blue, and its eyes are also two shades of blue, giving them a distinct look. These cats are very intelligent and are very active. They require a lot of attention, and it is said that keeping an active Russian Blue cat in a cage is like keeping a tiger in a cage. These cats can clear a six-foot fence. They are also very loving and loyal. Their coat happens to be the most expensive in the cat’s world, and it can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $3,000. However, there is a lot of controversy in the Russian Blue cat industry, and it is said that this breed is just a mixture of Siamese cat and Persian cat..

Do Russian Blues get along with dogs?

Russian blues are not generally dog-aggressive. Theymake adequate companions to dogs of similar size , though they may not be particularly friendly to smaller dogs or dogs that try to intimidate them..

How much is a Russian Blue cat worth?

A Russian Blue cat can cost anywhere between $400 to $1500, depending on what you are looking for, its gender, age, breed, etc. The male cats are usually sold for $400 to $800 whereas the females are sold for $800 to $1500. As for males, the price depends on their coat color, kitten or adult. For females, the price depends on what they are worth, their age, etc..

Are Russian Blue cats high maintenance?

Russian blue cats are very affectionate, which makes them great pets. Blue cats are known to be playful, kind, sweet, calm, independent, self-assured, gentle, talkative, loyal, soft, intelligent, easy to train, intelligent, mellow, docile, friendly, funny, devoted, gentle, and good listeners. Blue cats are very popular because of their beautiful, gentle nature..

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