Where Can I Buy A Scottish Fold?

Scottish Fold kittens can be bought easily; however, you need to make sure you are buying from a reliable and reputable breeder. You will need to check that they are healthy and that they come from a well-bred and long-established line of Scottish Fold cats. A good breeder will be happy to show you the pedigree and any other documentation; this will help you to ensure you are buying from a good source. The price for a Scottish Fold will vary depending on the breeders, however expect to pay anything from $500 to $800..

How much is a Scottish fold cat cost?

The cost for this breed really depends on several factors, like the color, the breeders, the quality of the cat. The average price of Scottish Fold is $400- $1000. If you are looking for one, you should know that it will be difficult to find one since they aren’t one of the most popular breeds. Moreover, the price will be higher if the cat is white..

How much does a Scottish fold cat cost UK?

Originally, Scottish Fold cats were only available through the efforts of the breeders, but now they are available at many pet stores nationwide. A Scottish Fold cat will cost you $300 to $900, depending on where you purchase. Some pet stores will price their purebred cats between $300 and $500, while the more rare colors will cost more at $500 to $900. If you are looking for a purebred cat online, prices will be similar to those of pet stores. You can also find Scottish Folds at animal shelters that adopt out cats. Expect to pay between $30 and $100 for cats at your local shelter..

Why you shouldn’t get a Scottish fold?

As a cat lover, I do not like the Scottish fold breed. The reason I do not like it is because it has too many health problems. Like many other breeds, the Scottish Fold is good with children and good with other animals. Also, the Scottish fold is playful and cuddly, which is what most people expect out of a cat. The only problem with the Scottish fold is that although they are good with other animals, they are not good with other Scottish Folds. There are some Scottish folds that don’t get along with other Scottish folds. Also, the Scottish fold is not really that friendly with strangers. The Scottish fold has special problems, like most cats. For example, there is a very rare health problem in the breed called “Hereditary Deafness”. This means they are born deaf in one or both ears. Another problem in the breed is they can’t climb very well. They are clumsy in the way they climb. They cannot jump very high, either. Another problem in the breed is that they do not always get along with other cats which makes it hard for them to get adopted..

Are Scottish folds banned in USA?

Scottish folds are not banned in the USA. It is just against the law to breed them due to health problems. Scottish folds are one of the most popular feline breeds. They are known for their wide range of weird and cuddly looks. The peculiarity lies in their ears, which fold forward and down. Breeding of Scottish folds was banned in the USA in the year 2005 after the breed was linked with health problems. Scottish folds are believed to be prone to hip dysplasia, ear infections, eye problems and respiratory disorders. The genetic testing is mandatory in USA for breeding Scottish folds..

Why are Scottish fold cats so expensive?

The Scottish fold is a breed of domestic cat. It is named for its unique ear fold and is one of the most popular breeds of cat because of the fold. The ear fold is the result of a naturally occurring mutation. This mutation causes the cartilage in the cat’s ears to bend forward and down. The unique appearance of the folded ears is a dominant trait, and therefore Scottish folded cats can have folded ears, straight ears or a combination of both..

Are Scottish fold cats good pets?

When you’re asking what Scottish fold cats are like as pets, you’re really asking two questions: 1) Are Scottish Folds good with kids and other pets? and 2) What kinds of personality and temperament can you expect from a Scottish Fold?.

How much do Scottish Fold Munchkin kittens cost?

The Scottish Fold Munchkin is a mix of both Scottish Fold and Munchkin cat. It is a hybrid breed and the kittens cost $600 to $800..

Are Scottish Fold cats in pain?

Scottish fold cats are known for their adorable, curled ear. It is said to be the result of a genetic mutation. This mutation results in abnormal cartilage formation, causing the ears to be deformed. According to some scientific studies, the folded ear of Scottish Folds makes them more likely to experience pain than non-folded cats. This is because the ear flap rubs against their skull, causing discomfort. It is why some owners of Scottish Fold cats keep the ears folded down..

How long do Scottish Folds live?

A Scottish Fold cat can be expected to live anywhere between 12 to 15 years of age. This of course depends on the main factors for longevity in cats, which are breed, diet, and lifestyle. The Scottish Fold breed is known for its numerous hereditary health issues, so this factor also plays a role. For instance, Scottish Fold cats with affected kidneys might only live about 10 years, while cats with unaffected kidneys tend to live longer. Similarly, cats on high-quality diets tend to live longer than those on low-quality food..

Is it unethical to get a Scottish Fold?

It’s not unethical to get a Scottish Fold, so long as you are willing to take on the responsibility of having a pet. Scottish Fold is said to be the most common to develop health problems than other breeds. It is estimated that 25% of Scottish Fold cats can develop osteochondritis, which may require amputation of the legs to accommodate the pain. You should also note that the breed also tends to have relatively small litters, with only 1-3 kittens per pregnancy. Another issue to consider is that Scottish Fold kittens cost more than most other breeds do..

Are Scottish Folds aggressive?

Scottish folds are perhaps one of the most popular breeds of cats. They are small, quiet, sweet, and cuddly. But despite their lazy, relaxed nature, Scottish folds are not overly aggressive and don’t attack other animals and people..

Are Scottish Folds noisy?

Scottish folds are known for their silky soft fur, but the breed’s unusually shaped ears give it a distinctive appearance that can attract attention. The fold’s characteristic ears are unique, but also present the cat with certain challenges. The folded ears are prone to infection, because they often get dirty, where the skin folds are moist and warm, providing a breeding ground for bacteria. The breed’s ears are also prone to other infections, including ear mites, which are common in both Scottish Folds and other breeds of cats. If the cat has protruding ears, which are not folded, there are fewer problems. Scottish folds are usually very talkative. They are particularly vocal while playing or when they want to be fed. This is one of the reasons the Scottish fold is nicknamed the “talkative cat.”.

Where are Scottish folds banned?

Scottish Fold cats are banned in several countries because of their genetic predisposition to dwarfism. They may only be sold by licensed breeders in Australia, France, New Zealand, Norway, Denmark, United Kingdom, and several other countries. Despite the ban, the Scottish Fold remains one of the most popular cat breeds in the United States..

Are Scottish Fold banned in Australia?

Scottish Fold is not banned in Australia or any other countries except New Zealand. However, cats with Scottish Fold syndrome are not allowed to enter Australia. Usually Scottish Fold cats are banned in the country where the breed originated. The reason behind this is to prevent the spread of disease..

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