Where Is Russian Blues Cattery?

Russian blue cat near the Christmas tree

Russian Blues Cattery is located in the Los Angeles area. You can find us at Los Angeles, California. It’s easy for you to get here, either by car or public transit..

How much does a Russian Blue hair cat cost?

Honestly, I have no idea. But I found a link that says that a Russian Blue cat can be bought from anywhere between $50 to $500..

Where are Russian Blue cats found?

Russian Blue cats originated in Russia, but they are now found in the United States, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, Germany, and Sweden. They are very popular cats in Europe. They are also called Archangel Cats among other regional names. These cats are closely related to the British Blue..

How can I tell if my blue Russian cat is real?

The first thing you will notice is the price of the cat. Most blue russian cats can cost $$$ because most of them are hand painted by the most expert of the experts. Each cat is painted by hand so they are truly unique. You will know that your cat is real if it is painted by hand because real cats are not mass produced. The second way to tell if your cat is real is to hold it. A real cat will be lighter than any other cat you have ever held. It is because the CAT is actually made of air. That is why it is so expensive..

How many kittens are in a Russian Blue litter?

Russian Blue kittens usually have 2-5 kittens in each litter. Although it could have slightly more or slightly less too. The kittens are born blind so keep them away from bright lights because it could harm them. Because they are born blind, they are very helpless. The mother cat cares for the kittens the same way she cares for her own babies. If you are away from your mother cat, then you have to care for them too. Be sure to check the mother cat every day to see if she is feeding the kittens properly. If the mother cat is not feeding the kittens, then you will have to feed them. You can try feeding them with a dropper or trying to feed them with a syringe. If the kittens are not able to eat solid food, you can feed them cat milk replacer instead. The kittens will start to see after about 8 to 10 days. You will see that the mother cat will start to leave the nursing box or place where she is feeding the kittens. It’s because she will be afraid that the kittens might get hurt..

What is the most expensive cat?

The most expensive cat ever sold was a male seal-point Himalayan-Persian cross, named Mr. Peebles, who was sold to an anonymous resident of Hong Kong in December 2007 for a record-setting total of $5.3 million..

Do Russian Blue cats like to be held?

Russian Blue cats are famous for loving their owners. They are graceful and elegant, and they are easy to take care of. I have one, and he is the best cat anyone can ask for. Now, back to your question. Russian Blue do like to be held. I hold mine all the time. He loves to sit on my lap while I’m watching TV, or he’ll come to play with me. When it’s bedtime, he’ll come to my bed and sleep with me. He also loves to be cuddled. When my Russian Blue cat is on my lap, or sitting next to me, he wraps his tails around my legs. This is the most endearing thing. Back to your question, yes, Russian Blue cats do indeed like to be held..

What is the most expensive domesticated cat?

The most expensive domesticated cat is not one but three cats sold for $38,000 by Beverley Kennels, at the 2006 Cats & Dogs auction, held at the Radisson Hotel in South Lake Tahoe, California. The three cats are Scottish Fold kittens. Two of the cats were sold for $15,000 each and the other sold for $4,000..

What color eyes do Russian Blue cats have?

According to many different resources, Russian Blue Cat’s eyes can be blue, blue-white, blue-gray, green-blue and yellow-green. Their eye color depends on the color of their coat! So the only way to tell for sure what color their eyes will be is to wait and see..

Are Russian Blue cats indoor cats?

No, the Russian Blue are not true indoor cats. Originally they are outdoor cats that are also known as “fancy” or “color” cats. They make good pets in the country where they can roam freely in the backyard. They are very independent in nature. They are very territorial and will chase other animals in the home. They do well when kept inside in the country. If you live in an apartment in the city, however, they can become territorial in your home. If you buy or adopt a Russian Blue cat, be prepared to give up some of your personal things for the cat’s comfort. They love boxes and other hiding places around the home. If you get one, be prepared for lots of love and lots of cat hair!.

Are Russian Blue cats talkative?

Russian Blue cats are not really talkative, but they make a wide range of sounds. They make a distinct ?meow’ sound for when they want something, and a distinct ‘purr’ sound when they are feeling affectionate. Some people believe that a cat’s purr is a sign of happiness..

Do Russian Blue cats have health issues?

Russian Blues are a Russian breed. They are not very common in the United States. They have very short hair and have a beige coat with darker blue spots. Even though the Russian Blue has the appearance of being a purebred cat, they are not recognized by any major cat associations. This is because they are not very common in the States unlike in Europe. This breed of cat has the tendency to have respiratory issues. If your Russian Blue cat is suffering from respiratory issues it will need to be taken to the vet for medication. That being said, it is important to monitor your cat in order to make sure that the respiratory issues do not get worse. The most important thing to remember is to make sure that your cat is in good health, especially when they are in the winter months..

Why are Russian Blue cats expensive?

The most important thing about rare cats is that they are rare. Let us try to understand why? If you have a rare cat breed, you are always going to have a ready market for your kittens. Another very important factor is that, sure there are many cat breeds, but how many are really high maintenance? Some cats are difficult to care for, some are too active, some are too demanding, some are too noisy, some are too playful which makes them bad with other pets or small kids. All these factors make it very difficult for the average pet owner to own a cat, they are very demanding. On the other hand, rare breeds are among the easiest to care for. They are not demanding, they are affectionate, they are not noisy and playful and they can get along with other pets and small kids. So, the question is why the Russian Blue cats are expensive? Well, we already know that it is rare and it is easy to take care of and and this makes it a very high demand and high value pet..

Do Russian Blues get along with dogs?

Yes, but not always. Russian Blues get along with dogs that they are raised with, but not always with other dogs. Russian Blues like to be the only cat in the house. They might get along with other cats, but they will treat other cats like toys. That’s why Russian Blues are solitary cats. Other cats will get along with other Russian Blues, but they will also treat other Russian Blues like toys..

Do Russian blue cats scratch furniture?

Russian blue cats are among the most popular cat breeds because of their loyalty, love, playfullness and affection. Some owners have reported that Russian blue cats scratch furniture. It is recommended to get a scratching post if you get a Russian blue cat. The scratching post can be made from a cardboard tube or a post covered with sisal rope. It is important not to get a scratching post with carpet or anything else that will be destroyed by the cat’s claws. If a scratching post is not an option, a sharp nail clipper can be used to trim a cat’s nails a little bit. If a cat scratches a wooden item of furniture, it is more likely that the cat is trying to claw a toy or a string that is tangled there..

Do Russian blue cats have rings on their tails?

Most Russian Blue cats have a ring encircling their tail. To check for this you might have to look under the cat’s tail. This is no cause for alarm, that is perfectly normal. Some people believe that the ring signifies that the cat was bred to be a show cat..

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