Where To Buy A Balinese Cat?

Kitty cat with blue eyes, Balinese cat

Balinese cat is a hybrid between a domestic cat and a cat of a species found in the Indonesian island of Bali. These cats are not very common and hard to come by in the States. However, there are a few breeders in the States who have been able to breed them successfully. If you’re interested in buying a Balinese cat, you need to contact a reputable breeder..

How much does a Balinese cat cost?

The cost of a Balinese cat can vary a great deal based on a number of factors. The breed is quite popular and can be found for sale at a wide range of prices. The Balinese cat is a domestic cat that has a long silky coat and is usually white with brown, red, or black markings. They are often confused with the Birman cat, but the Balinese has a darker tail and feet and has a shorter tail. The most expensive breed of cats in the world, the Balinese cat is a favorite among many breeders and enthusiasts and people look to pay up to $5,000.00 and even more for a pedigree Balinese cat. The price of a Balinese cat will depend on the age and the type of cat that you are looking for. The price can range from $300.00 to $5,000.00 for a pet quality cat and up to $10,000.00 and more for a show cat. The price of a Balinese cat can be found in your area and in most metropolitan areas in the United States..

Do Balinese cats like to be held?

Balinese cats are a naturally stoic cat breed. They are enjoy being around humans, but they are not as dependent as other cat breeds. Balinese don’t really need to be held as much as other cat breeds. They don’t take to being held and cuddled as much others. However, they still greatly enjoy human company and can be very affectionate and loving. They enjoy napping and spending time with their owners at their level. The Balinese is an extremely intelligent cat breed and they can easily be trained to come and sit on command. They do enjoy playing with toys and can be very playful and energetic, but if they do not receive enough mental stimulation they can develop behavioral issues. They may also take to scratching and appear untamed..

Is a Balinese cat a good pet?

A Balinese is a good pet if you’re looking for a cat that is very active, fun to watch, affectionate, and a little mischievous. They can be a bit challenging for a new cat owner. Balinese cats are very smart, and they’ll quickly learn that if they meow or cry long enough, you’ll do whatever they want. But you will also discover that they are extremely playful cats with a lot of energy. They love to play fetch, chase, and pounce on toys. They also enjoy surprising you from time to time by jumping from high places or surprising you from behind. If you read up on breed stats, you’ll find that very few cats have a disposition as active as a Balinese. Balinese cats are a good pet if you’re looking for a cat that is very active, fun to watch, affectionate, and a little mischievous..

Are Balinese cats rare?

Balinese cats are not common, but they are not rare either. They are like any other cat, but they are different because of their looks. Balinese cats are small, with long, thin bodies and long, fluffy coats. Their eyes are very large, and they are dark colored. They are also known for their sweet, gentle personalities..

Are Balinese cats kid friendly?

The Balinese cat is a breed that is very friendly. They are friendly towards most people, but there are some things that they are not fond of. They are not fond of being picked up, for example. They are very active cats, so they are not suitable for elderly people or people who are not active. They are also not very tolerant of children. They will not hurt kids, but they are not fond of being picked up or being touched..

Is Balinese affectionate?

Balinese usually tend to be very affectionate. Especially during festivals, families with their extended family will always be together. Balinese people are very close to their family than to their friends. Balinese people are very happy during festivals, they dance and do cultural dance, people will also invite their neighbour to join the celebrations. Balinese tend to be very affectionate to their family, especially children, they use “ku” or “koe” is the Balinese language (a very humble word for you) to express to their children, no matter how old their child is..

How long can you leave a Balinese cat alone?

A Balinese cat is a cat originating from the Bali island. These cats are known for their intelligence, calmness, affection, sociability, and energy. They are known for being good at many things. It has been rated to be the third happiest cat breed. Balinese cats are known for being good at performing tricks. Despite being very intelligent, these cats are not born with all the skills to perform. They are known to need training to be good at tricks. A Balinese cat can be one of the best cats to leave alone for a day. It will not mess around the house, but will still be ready to spend time with you. However, you should still always check up on your cat..

Do Balinese cats meow a lot?

No, they don’t. They often take the position of a dog (loyal and friendly). Usually, they don’t like to be held like a typical cat would like to be. They do love to be groomed and they also love to play. However, they do tend to be more independent than other cats, so if you don’t want a cat that needs a lot of attention and can’t stand alone for awhile, maybe a Balinese cat isn’t the right one for you. They love to eat and love treats. They also love to play. The Balinese cat is a beautiful cat, and they do have a good temperament, but they can be a little bit picky as far as attention goes. The Balinese cat will do just fine as long as you give it just enough attention, but if you are looking for a cat that will love you all the time, the Balinese cat is not the best choice for you..

Do Balinese cats scratch furniture?

Balinese cats are similar to Ragdolls. Unless they are very young, they are usually gentle, sweet, and quiet. They don’t tend to scratch furniture too often, but you still should understand the temperament of the cat. When the cat is getting used to their new environment, they can scratch furniture. But if the cat is happy with the environment, they are very unlikely to scratch..

Why Balinese cats are the best?

They are very affectionate, smart, sweet, cuddly, loveable, have a great temperament, wonderful with children, fun-loving, not easily stressed. Bals are noted for being talkative, being able to “meow” but also being able to “growl” just like a dog. They purr loudly, love to snuggle, are great with kids, are very intelligent, are very active at night, just love to play, are great for people with allergies, are very hard to find, are not hyper or too excitable, are affectionate, look like teddy bears, are easily trainable..

Do Balinese cats cause allergies?

Balinese cats are noted for their long, luxurious coat and slanted, almond-shaped eyes. These cats, which originated from Indonesia, have a plumed tail and have been known to be the descendant of the Siamese cats. Kittens of the breed have a short coat of a dark seal point or dark chocolate point colour. The coat of the Balinese cat is very soft and beautiful. A notable characteristic of the Balinese cat is its tail. It has a long tail that is plumed with a dark tip. In Balinese cat, the tail is often curled for a distinctive effect. The erect ears of Balinese cats are pointed and tilted forward while the eyes of Balinese cats are an oriental-shaped. The body of the Balinese cat is long and slender. The Balinese kittens are born with a short coat that is a dark seal or chocolate point colour. Kittens of the breed have a short coat of a dark seal point or dark chocolate point colour. Balinese cats range from about 9 inches to two feet long from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail. A Balinese cat can live from 12 to 15 years..

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