Why Are Siamese Cats Colored The Way They Are?

Siamese cat

The color of Siamese cat is the result of a gene mutation. This mutated gene causes the cat to produce a form of an enzyme known as tyrosinase. It is the tyrosinase which produces pigmentation. This enzyme is vital to the cat’s survival. Tyrosinase is needed for the cat to process the amino acid tyrosine. Tyrosine is found in all proteins. If the tyrosinase fails to work, the cat will suffer from a “tyrosine deficiency”. This results in blindness, hair loss, brain damage, and eventually death. The Siamese cats are often born without this enzyme. When the enzyme is lacking, the cat will produce albinism. The cat’s eyes will be blue instead of the honey color. The lack of tyrosinase will also result in white hair. The Siamese cats are not the only breed that suffers from this condition. The Himalayan cats are also known to be albino Siamese. The Siamese cat’s fur is tinged with blue color because the cat’s body cannot produce red pigments properly. The color of the cat’s body will be brown or light brown. The fur of the cat will be light blue or dark blue..

How does a Siamese cat get its color pattern?

A Siamese cat’s distinctive color pattern is the result of a temperature-sensitive enzyme called tyrosinase. This enzyme is responsible for catalyzing the production of melanin, the pigment responsible for most of the coloration in our bodies. It’s the same enzyme responsible for the coloration of our skin, hair, and even our eyes. Everything in the Siamese cat’s body is affected by this temperature-sensitive enzyme. Their skin, their eyes, and even their blood vessels. But, they’re only affected by this enzyme if the temperature is high enough..

Why do Siamese cats have an unusual fur color pattern?

The peculiar color patterns of the Siamese cat are the result of cross-breeding between domestic cats and wild Asian Leopard cats. The wild cats are tawny with dark brown stripes, so the Siamese cat’s bands are usually much paler than those of their ancestors. Dark brown spotting also occurs on the toes, nose, stockings, and tail. Their color makes them prone to sunburn, so they need shelter from the sun just as much as any other breed. The Siamese cat is one of the most popular breeds, thanks to its unique appearance. Found only in the original seal-point color, it has golden eyes and a strong, muscular body. True to its wild ancestors, it is extremely vocal..

What is the rarest Siamese cat color?

The two most sought after Siamese cat colors are the seal point and the chocolate point. The seal point Siamese cat has a dark brown coat, dark brown or golden eyes, and pale legs. The chocolate point Siamese cat has a rich dark brown coat, dark brown or golden eyes, and pale legs. Seal points are harder to obtain than chocolate points. The chocolate point is the rarest of the Siamese cat colors..

How can I tell if my cat is mixed with Siamese?

If you are not very familiar with cat breeds, then here are some things you can look out for, to determine if your cat is mixed with Siamese. First of all, you will need to check your cat’s body structure. If your cat is small and slender, and has a wedge-shaped head and a pointy nose, then it is likely to be mixed with Siamese. Siamese cats have a very distinctive blue eyes, and while some Siamese cats may have brown eyes, it will be difficult to spot the difference between them and the blue eyes..

Do Siamese cats need another cat?

Siamese cats do not need another cat, they need a friend. A Siamese gets along with other pets very well. However, they will not appreciate if they feel like the other animal is trying to take their food or try to dominate them..

Are Siamese born white?

No, Siamese are not born white. They have either blue or lilac eyes. Their fur is white from birth. If you want them to have a color fur, you have to breed them with a colored cat. Siamese cats can have a cream, black, blue, lilac, chocolate, seal, or red color fur. That’s why this cat is so very expensive. You can’t buy a Siamese cat under a thousand dollars. But a Siamese cat is a very loyal cat and a very good pet for a family..

Why do Siamese cats meow so much?

There are two prevailing theories as to why Siamese cats meow. The first has to do with the breed’s roots in Siam (now Thailand), where they were believed to act as the guardians of the royal palaces, and were trained to hunt rats. To communicate with humans, hunters would softly meow to indicate that they had found prey, and they would meow to receive orders..

Why do Siamese cats have blue eyes?

As blue eyes are recessive, breeders needed to ensure that they would not accidentally breed two blue-eyed cats. This is why Siamese cats were developed with brown eyes to prevent this from happening..

What is a blue point Siamese?

A Siamese cat that has a dark seal around his/her eyes and a light body color is said to be a blue point. In contrast, a Siamese cat that has a light body color and a dark seal around his/her eyes is said to be a seal point. The difference between a seal point and a blue point is the color of the head. A seal point has a darker head color while a blue point has a lighter colored head. Blue points are not considered to be a Siamese cat color until 1958. Blue points are just as healthy as their seal point counterparts. They are also very loyal, intelligent, loving, affectionate, and playful..

What are Siamese points?

Siamese points are a trend in letterpress printing. Letters were printed in two colors, and the colors were mixed together to create a third color. Siamese points became popular in the late 1800s and were used in greeting cards and wedding invitations. The words “Siamese points” today refer to anything that is created in two parts and is glued back together for a final look. The term has been used in many different industries and has come to mean almost anything that is created in two parts and then glued back together..

Do all Siamese have blue eyes?

No, not all Siamese have blue eyes. Most Siamese cats have almond shaped, light blue eyes. On occasion, Siamese may have gray, green, or parti-colored eyes, but this is rather rare. The most common eye color for Siamese is blue, but not all of them will have blue eyes..

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