Why Is It Called A Russian Blue?

A very thoroughbred Russian blue cat in room.

Well, you might think that the name came from the country it originated from (Russia). But that is not exactly true. It is actually a combination of two words: Russian and Blue. The reason why it is called Russian Blue cat is because of its grayish-blue color. It looks like a cat from Russia, hence the name Russian Blue. Another explanation is that the cats’ eyes look like the dark shade of the Russian sky..

Why are they called Russian Blue cats?

The Russian Blue cat is named after its origins, which can be traced back to Russia. The cat was first discovered in 1875 and then presented to the West in 1876. It was even mentioned in a book by Thomas Wemyss Reid. The name was used in honor of the Russian Grand Duke Alexander, who brought the cat to England after winning a large number of these cats in a card game played while he was on a trip to Russia..

Why are Russian Blue cats blue?

The color of Russian Blue cats is due to the white spotting gene. Cats with two copies of this gene (homozygotes) show the classic white spotting pattern on their upper body. For this pattern to fully develop, cats need to be homozygotes for one more gene; this gene makes melanocytes (pigment cells) only on the white parts of the upper body. This pattern is called “partial albinism”. The cats that are homozygotes for the white spotting gene and heterozygotes for this last gene for “partial albinism” are blue instead of white. A cat with two copies of the gene for “partial albinism” will be completely white, so there is no reason for this cat to have any pigment. This is why most white cats with this pattern are deaf..

Do Russian Blue cats come from Russia?

Actually, Russian Blue is not its breed. It is just the name given to the cat. The real name of this cat breed is “Porphyry”. Russian Blue got another name due to the color of its fur. It is a very elegant looking cat with fur which resembles the color of Russian fur. It is said to be the most beautiful cat breed by most of the cat lovers. The fur is short with elegance and has a fine texture. It is one of the most athletic cats with a great sense of balance. A cute fact about this cat breed is that it is the only cat which can climb up trees. It is very intelligent and has a very strong memory..

What breeds make a Russian Blue?

A Russian Blue is a cat breed, which was developed in the mid 19th century in England. The Russian Blue can be considered a great example of the dangers of inbreeding. The genetic legacy of the Russian Blue is similar to that of the Cornish Rex, Applehead Siamese, Persian, and others. Selective breeding was used to obtain the extreme characteristics of each of these breeds. It’s easy to see why the breeders of the Russian Blue were successful in their work, because this cat breed is built for show. But whether it’s due to its extreme conformation or its coloration, the Russian Blue is an extremely fragile cat, which was specifically bred to have a high infant mortality rate in order to weed out the weak. It’s not unusual to see these cats in very poor health. The four main things that Russian Blues suffer from are spinal deformities, temperature sensitivity, odd-eyes, and heart disease. The critical temperature for these cats is 69.5 Fahrenheit..

How can I tell if my cat is a Russian Blue?

Your Russian Blue cat will be medium sized with a sturdy build, and medium length fur. The coat will be medium length, dense at the roots, and soft and silky at the tips. You can expect your Russian Blue to weigh anywhere between 10 and 15 pounds. The fur will be silky and soft, but not very long, and it will naturally form a short, thick undercoat. The coat will be medium length, dense at the roots, and soft and silky at the tips. The eyes should be blue or green, but could also be green or yellow. The eyes should also match the coat color. The ears will be large, round, and set low, along with the low set tail. The muzzle will be long and the nose will be short. The toes should have well-padded, wrinkled cushioning. The feet will be medium sized with five toes. The claws will be well-retracted, but not so much so that the cat is unable to grip onto things. The body should be well proportioned, strong, and sturdy. You should be able to tell your Russian Blue’s gender because the males are larger than the females..

What is the most expensive cat?

Cats are considered as a pet animal since time immemorial. In that period, they have been treated as a *** in Egypt. So here is the most expensive cat in the world..

Do Russian Blue cats like to be held?

Russian Blues are extremely calm, patient cats that they are often referred to as lap cats. Russian Blues are very loyal to their owners and they are very affectionate towards their owners. They love being around people they are very good with children. Russian Blues are great with kids. Russian Blues are gentle cats. They are also very playful, extremely intelligent cats. They are very friendly, intelligent cats. They are not shy when it comes to strangers. Russian Blues are very easy to train. They are very fast learners. They are one of the best breeds to have in the home. Russian Blues are very gentle, loving cats. They are highly recommended for people who are looking for a cat that is very loving that will give them the best company in the home. Russian Blues are very good cats in general..

Are Russian Blue cats talkative?

It’s a myth to say that cats can talk. It is not that they cannot talk, but their vocal music that we cannot understand. Russian Blue cats can meow, purr, growl and even hiss like every other cat. Russian Blue is a very famous breed of cats and is best known for their beautiful coat (which is what they are famous for). They are very popular as pets and especially as a companion of children and elders..

Are Russian Blue cats indoor cats?

No, they are not indoor cats, but they are one of the best cat breeds that can fit in any household. Russian Blue cats are very social and friendly, they love to be around children, dogs, other cats, and other pets. They are very affectionate to their owners. They are very smart and intelligent. They are very easy to train. One of the most attractive features of this cat breed is the deep blue color of the fur. The fur of these cats are extremely soft. Its eyes are copper in color, which are very shiny..

Why are Russian Blues hypoallergenic?

Russian Blue cats are hypoallergenic because they do not produce Fel-D1. Fel-D1 is a protein that causes allergic reactions in people with cat allergies. As this breed doesn’t produce Fel-D1, they are considered hypoallergenic..

What color eyes do Russian Blue cats have?

The Russian Blue’s coat comes in several shades. The eyes are usually considered one of two colors. They are either a dark brown or a pale blue. While the coat is supposed to be solid, there are varying degrees of shading. Some cats are darker or grayer than others..

Do Russian Blue cats scratch furniture?

Yes, Russian blue cats do scratch furniture. It is genetic. If you are planning to get one, please make sure to buy a scratching post along with the cat, otherwise it will scratch your furniture. I hope this answers your question. Thank you for reading this..

Do Russian Blue cats have rings on their tails?

NO! Russian blue cats have no rings on their tail. Some people claim they have seen a ring on the tail of a Russian blue cat, but this is a mere optical illusion created by their dark fur. Cats’ fur is a bit wavy and the end of a slightly bushy tail may look a bit “bumpy” in some angles. If you see a ring, it is only a trick of the light, not a physical thing..

What is a Russian white cat?

A Russian white cat is a good luck symbol and is said to protect the owner from evil and bad energy. It’s said that a white cat can bring good luck to the owner and guard the home from “spirits”. It also symbolizes a purity of love, honesty and purity. In some cases, the cat is given a silver bell, which it is believed to protect humans from all evil spirits. White color symbolizes purity and innocence. Russian white cats are extremely popular in Russia. They are believed to be a symbol of luck. On the other hand, a black cat is considered a symbol of bad luck in most cultures. A female is referred to as a “kitty” and a male is referred to as a “tiger”..

Can Russian Blue cats have gold eyes?

Yes, Russian Blue can have gold eyes. In fact, in most cases, they do have gold eyes. But this might not be very common. Out of all the Russian Blue cats that have been bred, only about 10% have gold eyes. The Russian Blue came from a breed in Russia in the early 1900s. Once they were brought in to the US, they were very popular especially in the 1950s. In the 1970s they lost their popularity. By 1970, there were only about 100 left in the US. In order for them to survive, they had to cross their bloodline with Siamese, American Shorthair, and Burmese. The most popular of the crossbreeds is the British Shorthair. In the 1980s the Russian Blue started to gain a lot of popularity again. This is when they started to be shown in cat shows. In order to keep the bloodline pure, they had to use mostly cats from Europe. The Russian Blue is one of the most popular cat breeds today. They are also known for having gold eyes..

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